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Yes – Red Bull held a cliff diving competition in Boston last weekend, where the divers jumped into Boston harbor (really?) from a perch attached to the Diller Scofidio + Renfro designed Institute for Contemporary Art.

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The site selling these tees calls them ‘ArchBones Buy kamagra effervescent without prescription, ‘ – but it’s obviously Corbu. I don’t think you need me to tell you that these things are pretty great – get one, no rx kamagra effervescent, Kamagra effervescent pharmacy online, and display your archi-nerdiness on your chest for all to see.

Funny that in about five more years students won’t even know what those things crossing the skull are or how to use them, buy kamagra effervescent low price. Buy kamagra effervescent cheap, .:get your shirt here->

First seen thanks to Tabitha ( @tcpg ) – photo via.

[ed, buy kamagra effervescent pills. Find kamagra effervescent no prescription required, note - I don't know who my ginger-brethren here in the photo is (no, it's not me - and we don't all look alike), compare kamagra effervescent prices, Buying kamagra effervescent online, but I left him in thinking that there can't be that many of us bearded red-headed architects around. I like your style, no prescription kamagra effervescent, Kamagra effervescent online sale, sir.]. Discount kamagra effervescent. Purchase kamagra effervescent. Order discount kamagra effervescent online. Cheap kamagra effervescent no prescription. Kamagra effervescent buy. Kamagra effervescent price. Kamagra effervescent cheap drug. Order no rx kamagra effervescent. Kamagra effervescent free delivery. Cheap kamagra effervescent internet.

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Urban Pacman from Sergej Hein on Vimeo Buy kamagra without prescription, .

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Buy amoxicillin without prescription, Wow – what can I even say about these, other than my ninjas, please.

French jeweler Philippe Tournaire has created a series of rings inspired by global cities & architecture, amoxicillin order. Find cheap amoxicillin, From left to right above we have London, New York City, buy amoxicillin lowest price, Amoxicillin online sales, and Paris, respectively, order amoxicillin from us. Cheapest amoxicillin online, Tournaire will also apparently make rings to order, so if you’re project is just too ill not to wear on your pinky a don you can have it immortalized as incredibly gaudy jewelery, cheap amoxicillin on internet. Certified amoxicillin, .:found via->bd online. Order amoxicillin no prescription required. Lowest price for amoxicillin. Cheapest generic amoxicillin online. Order amoxicillin. Cheap amoxicillin pharmacy. Amoxicillin pill. Drug amoxicillin online purchase. Cheapest amoxicillin price. Buy cheapest amoxicillin. Buy amoxicillin from india. Purchase amoxicillin without prescription. Amoxicillin medicine.

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Lilium Urbanus from Joji Tsuruga on Vimeo Buy wellbutrin sr without prescription, .

“Living in NYC is our biggest inspiration, wellbutrin sr pills. Wellbutrin sr drug, There’s constant construction and change on every corner. We embraced the idea of urban growth and saw it as something uncontrollable, cheap wellbutrin sr tablet, Wellbutrin sr generic, having a mind of its own. Like a growing flower, buy generic wellbutrin sr, Wellbutrin sr without prescription, a small town constructs larger buildings and becomes a flourishing city with skyscrapers for leaves, airport runways for petals, order wellbutrin sr no prescription, Discount wellbutrin sr no rx, and airplanes for seeds. Our goal was to show that a city is like a living being, cheap generic wellbutrin sr, Real wellbutrin sr without prescription, constantly growing, changing, price of wellbutrin sr, Order cheap wellbutrin sr online, and spreading.”

Created by Anca Risca and Joji Tsuruga for their BFA thesis film at the School of Visual Arts in New York, using Maya and Adobe Creative Suite, wellbutrin sr online review. Buying wellbutrin sr, Pretty sick.

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Buy zoloft without prescription, For starters, if you haven’t checked out the video of Steve Jobs presenting this proposal to the Cupertino City Council, I highly recommend it. Skip around a bit, it’s not all great stuff – but Jobs’ interaction with the board itself is pretty hilarious. Cheap zoloft from canada, I would love to one day be able to go before a city/town/whatever to get a project approved and simply say “we should be able to build this because we pay a butt-load of taxes and can easily move somewhere else”. Very ninja-like.

I’m going to go ahead and assume (a mistake, I know) at this point that most of you have already seen at least some of these renderings of Foster+Partner’s proposal for the new Apple campus in Cupertino, order discount zoloft. The ‘official’ news that this was a Foster+Partners project is recent, but it seemed as if everyone was guessing at it from the renderings alone (which are quite beautiful), buy zoloft without prescription. From there we come to the real question, which is seemingly making it’s way through the web (at least in the comments and op-eds): is it any good. Zoloft uk, I’m coming out in favor of it – for now. Sure, it’s huge. Yes, zoloft medication, it looks like someone knocked over Jobs’ Stargate. Buy zoloft without prescription, No, it’s not my favorite project in the world. But the images are fairly compelling, Zoloft without prescription, suggesting a newly created, almost pastoral, landscape with a sleek, high-tech building within, best price for zoloft. While the building itself is pretty enormous, especially when considered in plan, Discount zoloft no rx, the four storey height lends it more human scale. Plus, I’m interested to see if the circumference of the building is tight enough to actually create views like the ones shown in the renderings – which suggest that the building will feel as if it recedes away around itself (does that make sense?). Basically it seems to me that if it doesn’t feel too broad from the approach, buy generic zoloft, and is detailed in a way we know Foster+Partners is capable of, then it should look pretty dope.

On to the criticisms, buy zoloft without prescription. Zoloft cheap price, I’ve been amused by some of the flack the building is getting. Our lack of knowledge of the interiors has been pointed out by some – leading at least one critic to assume it will simply contain cubicles and typical work-spaces, leaving any innovation for the fancy glass exterior. I obviously have no idea – but I’ll say again, find cheap zoloft, it’s Foster+Partners. Benefit of the doubt, Buy cheap zoloft, the work spaces probably won’t suck. Buy zoloft without prescription, Confusion over the circular plan has also been raised as an issue, as has the idea of walking forever in such a long  (circumference) building. Just looking at the plan show’s that the building is broken-up internally into eight distinct areas and a cafe (more like a cafeteria or food hall, by the size of it). These individual areas are marked by cores, zoloft sale, which appear to house the vertical circulation, bathrooms, Buy zoloft pills, etc – basically like any office building. The idea that in California you’ll walk inside around the circle simply seems idiotic – plus, it doesn’t look to be what’s drawn. I may be completely off base, zoloft free delivery, but the drawings suggest that you’d descend out into the central courtyard and make your way to another part of the building by crossing the outdoor space, rather than walk around inside – which actually seems simpler to navigate than a large office park (the typical option in a place like Cupertino). Walk outside, look around briefly for the entrance you’re searching for (you’d be able to see them all from the exit you just used), and walk through a park to you 2PM meeting, buy zoloft without prescription. Cheap zoloft online,

Another issue that has been raised is that the project isn’t ‘urban’ enough – that is doesn’t address it’s context. To which I say, it’s in Cupertino. From the look of it the HP campus is scaled and spaced appropriately for the surrounding context and is mostly asphalt and spread-out buildings – hard to say this proposal couldn’t be an improvement, buy zoloft canada. This project would be awful on the East Coast, don’t get it twisted – but this is how the West was laid out. Buy zoloft without prescription, Plus, look at the numbers Jobs’ gives out at the City Council meeting: +20% building area with -30% building footprint (so the density there isn’t great to begin with), +350% landscape (underground and structured parking, no streets), +60% in the number of trees – all while increasing the number of employees. Cheap generic zoloft, Sure, it’s really suburban – but so is Cupertino, and a ton of the West Coast. I realize that the suburban quality being the norm is the exact cause for the criticism, cheapest generic zoloft, but I’m not sure I believe there’s much Apple could do about that other than move someplace else. They’re not going to turn Cupertino into San Fran with their new campus. Order zoloft online,

All of that praise / justification / defense aside, it does have a slightly creepy “we’re all watching each other” vibe – and if Steve builds a little tower in the middle we should all start to worry. The enclosed nature of the project is so inward-looking that you can imagine these Apple employees never speak to anyone outside the company, buy zoloft without prescription. I’m hoping that the areas outside the circle itself are actually open to the public – which is ridiculous, I know, buy zoloft from india, but it would be providing Cupertino with what looks like a great park – and provide the public with a certain amount of a view into Apple (not going to happen, I’m sure).

Like I opened with – it could be a flop. But for now I’m going to sit back and trust that one of my favorite architecture firms and my favorite tech company (also the most profitable tech company) know what they’re doing. I don’t need to hate in order to manufacture hits for AMNP. Plus, when the wormhole is established and they start sending people through this thing to explore the galaxy I want to have been on Apple’s side. Steve, you can feel free to send me a free Macbook Air or Ipad 2 for this great write-up in the meantime.

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Buy accutane without prescription, This project made its way around the internets earlier this year, but I just recently came across it and thought it was simply too noteworthy to pass up. Drug accutane, Designed for the Duarte Family by Portugese architect Pedro Dias, this tomb located in a hillside cemetery in Arganil, accutane pills, Order accutane overnight delivery, Portugal breaks from the traditional (and seemingly ubiquitous) ornamented box-like structure to create a personal monument encouraging thoughtful and contemplative interaction. Given the task of accounting for eight coffins, accutane information, Best price accutane, Dias sought to create a simple, minimalist insertion into the cemetery that would provide a more private experience dedicated to the memory of those who had passed while maintaining views to the beautiful Portuguese hills surrounding the site, sale accutane. Discount accutane,

The major – and most obvious – move away from the traditional family tomb is the opening-up of the structure to frame the hillside beyond while providing a semi-enclosed space for both funeral ceremonies and subsequent visits by family members and friends. This near-inversion of the program provides personal space that I imagine actually feels quite private due to the scale of the opening, low price accutane, Buy accutane cheap, even though it is still open to the rest of the cemetery on one side. A bench was created for the interior, which serves both as a place for the coffin to rest during the funeral ceremony and as a place for visitors to sit and look out at the landscape, buy accutane without prescription. The family is thus provided with more of a sense of a place to visit and rest momentarily with the thought of their loved ones, cheap accutane from usa, Accutane buy, rather than a simple place-marker.

The tomb is clad in a dark granite on the outside faces, find no rx accutane, Accutane online sales, contrasting with stainless-steel panels on the interior. The material choice further emphasizes ‘inside’ vs ‘outside’, cheapest accutane, Cheap accutane without prescription, adding to the sense of the creation of a more private space for the family. The choice of the dark granite is also a departure from the colors of the other tombs within the cemetery – which, accutane no rx, Buy accutane, combined with the minimalist & contemporary frame-like shape quietly emphasizes the uniqueness of the Duarte’s tomb.

I really appreciate the idea that this (in theory) transforms the experience of visiting a deceased loved-one from something I find to be a little like interacting with a sign-post to more of an engaging experience.  The tomb transforms the typical visit, purchase accutane, Cheapest accutane price, serving as much more of a memorial by simply providing ‘space’ to the family and nothing more. Fairly brilliant, where to buy accutane, really.

More of Dias’ work (and more photos of this project)can be found at his blog.

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Found this via Rojkind Arquitectos on Twitter – instagram photo of Renzo Piano’s California Academy of Sciences Buy clomid without prescription, building, which reminded me of the planets from Le Petit Prince. Simple, no rx clomid, Order clomid on internet, yet awesome – couldn’t help but post it over here.

 , find cheap clomid online. Clomid discount. Order generic clomid. Cheapest generic clomid online. Clomid from india. Clomid for order. Clomid cheap. Buy clomid online australia. Clomid generic. Clomid in us. Buy clomid generic. Compare clomid prices. Clomid without a prescription. Order clomid. Purchase clomid without prescription. Clomid overnight delivery. Clomid us. Cheap clomid from uk.

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Buy paxil without prescription, While our monuments may justify the response of awe, generally architecture is something to be occupied and adopted, not to be held at a distance and puzzled over. Paxil non prescription, The modern buildings to be admired are those where the physical, material and spatial potential of architecture has been coherently organised, cheapest paxil, Generic paxil, leaving us with a quiet conviction that the way the building looks, and the experience of being within it, paxil prescription, Cheap paxil tablets, not only reassures us through its physical authenticity, but inspires us to consider what our built world could be, find paxil without prescription. Paxil india, The process of architectural composition must consider what society expects architecture to look like and be like. While it is not our role simply to fulfill these expectations, find cheap paxil online, Low price paxil, they must influence our approach. Architecture must engage innovation both at a formal and technical level, buy paxil us. While we must search for new possibilities and ideas we must be suspicious of innovation for its own sake, buy paxil without prescription. Paxil no rx, This does not preclude the radical exceptions that we need as provocation.

We must consider innovation within the self-imposed limits of understanding and meaning, pharmacy paxil. Order paxil online, The generation of form that has no explanation beyond its own desire to be innovative must be measured against the imagined limits of precedents.

The pursuit of spectacular form erodes the idea of normality, paxil no rx required. Find no rx paxil, We desire of our environment, buildings and spaces that aspire to their own sense of nature; spaces and buildings that both respond and describe the individual's position within a civic society, sale paxil. Paxil for order, The rejection of such ambitions based on the fact that social patterns, political authority and commercial structures have changed and that our new situation need new forms and new types of spaces, cost paxil, Low cost paxil, succeeds in giving license to the erosion of urban structure and uncontrolled urban sprawl.

~ David Chipperfield, Form Matters, cheapest paxil prices.

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Buy potassium citrate without prescription, A Chippefield project has a kind of calming effect on the senses. Buy cheap potassium citrate online, For the government of the Austrian city of Innsbruck -along with this project's developers - I imagine DC's proposal for the Kaufhaus Tyrol Department Store was like taking a deep breath of fresh air and saying 'everything is going to be alright'.

Long story short - this retail project in the heart of a 'traditional' [re: Baroque] Austrian city was a mess, potassium citrate medicine, Potassium citrate malaysia, and chewed up two different architecture firms before Chipperfield was called in to clean up the mess. A few months later his office was redesigning the entire project with the blessings of the client and the government - a task that had apparently seemed impossible to the previous designers, potassium citrate pills. Potassium citrate online cheap,

Possibly the nicest part - at first glance the project really isn't a big deal. Calm, simple, clean, quiet, respectful of its context without fading into the background - are we sure this is a retail project, buy potassium citrate without prescription. Was the developer confused, cheapest potassium citrate. Sale potassium citrate, While not DC's greatest project, the firm was able to stay true to its typically dope style, find cheap potassium citrate online, Order cheap potassium citrate, creating something elegant and modern [out of a shopping mall - my ninjas, please], potassium citrate no rx required. Cheap potassium citrate online, While obviously going for a modern approach, the project sought to address its context in an appropriate way - and does so by angling slightly along its long facade, potassium citrate overnight delivery. Find potassium citrate on internet, This subtly breaks the mass into three sections, meant to be reminiscent of the massing of the surrounding historic buildings, potassium citrate no prescription. Order potassium citrate no prescription, The fifth floor of the project is also pulled back, mimicking the way floors were added to the surrounding structures throughout the years, cheap potassium citrate internet. Cheap potassium citrate without prescription,

.:David Chipperfield->. Cheap potassium citrate from canada. Online pharmacy potassium citrate. Potassium citrate alternative.

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