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Designed by AMNP's current 'Ninja(s) of the Month Buy cardura without prescription, ', EASTERN design office, the Slit House is a 210 square meter reinforced concrete home in Japan. Created for an 80 year old woman, online cardura, Cheapest cardura, the home is essentially defined by a concrete wall that has been segmented by 60 140mm 'slits' - which do away with the traditional window.


EASTERN sees the 'slit' as a reaction to 'glass heavy' contemporary architecture, compare cardura prices, Purchase cardura without prescription, and possibly a return to more ancient/traditional forms of architecture which were more concerned with bringing light into a space in more controlled/specific ways. Having no windows, no prescription cardura, Buy cardura cheap, this house uses the 'slits' to bring light into the interior - the 'slits' contain glass set into grooves in the concrete, so there are no visible frames - allowing for natural lighting while maintaining privacy, find discount cardura. Cardura drug, The 'slits' have been conceived particularly for urban uses, providing homes on tight lots or directly on the street [or both] with natural lighting while de-emphasizing the importance of 'looking out', buy cardura overnight delivery.


While the 'slits' dominate impressions of the house from the exterior, the interior has been kept simple, buy cardura without prescription. Buy cardura no prescription required, Wooden walls have bee used throughout, allowing for the space to be reorganized over time - as either uses or occupant(s) change over time, purchase cardura overnight delivery. Cardura india, This simplicity also brings more attention to the interior effects of the 'slits', crisscrossing the internal spaces with lines of light, overnight cardura. Purchase cardura, slit008

This spacing of he concrete panels also turns the home into one giant timepiece, to some extent - tracking light and shadows throughout the day, cheap cardura pill. Cheapest cardura price,

At the dawn, watery light comes into the house through the slits, cardura no rx. Buy cardura without prescription, That makes the entire room bright faintly. Cardura cheap, At 9:30AM,sequence of the feeble light that reflects to header of slits appears, cardura alternative. Cardura from canada, At 10:30AM, the sunlight pierces through angled slits at first. At 11:00AM,the sunlight pierces through all slits. The sunlight through the slit and the reflected light on the header of the slit project the stripe of V type to the long corridor. If you saw the repetition of this edgy light, you might feel as if time of 11:00AM has stopped, buy cardura without prescription. In as much as ten minutes, the reflected light on the header disappears. The shape of the light that the slit makes changes from V type into one stripe. The moments that the sun pierces through the angled slits and through the straight slits are different.

The angled slits get a little earlier. Buy cardura without prescription, The momentary time lag let us feel a running of the sun and makes us forefeel the upcoming time of the dusk. And it shortens little by little. And watery light fills the house again with soft brightness.

Then the night comes before long.






Next we'll be back with the next installment of this current 'Ninja(s) of the Month' feature - Horizontal House.

.:previous firm profile of EASTERN design office->

::photographs by Kouichi Torimura::

::images, info + quoted text courtesy of EASTERN design office, Inc::.

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Buy azor without prescription, "You employ stone, wood, and concrete, and with these materials you build houses and palaces; that is construction. Azor us, Ingenuity is at work.

But suddenly you touch my heart, canadian pharmacy azor, Discount azor no rx, you do me good, I am happy and I say, cheap azor on internet, Find azor no prescription required, "This is beautiful." That is Architecture. Art enters in, azor purchase. Cheapest azor online, My house is practical. I thank you, as I might thank Railway engineers, or the Telephone service, buy azor without prescription. You have not touched my heart, azor order. Cheap azor in canada, But suppose that walls rise toward heaven in such a way that I am moved. I perceive your intentions, certified azor. Buy azor without prescription, Your mood has been gentle, brutal, find azor, Overnight azor, charming or noble. Buy azor without prescription, The stones you have erected tell me so. You fix me to the place and my eyes regard it, azor sale. Where to buy azor, They behold something which expresses a thought. A thought which reveals itself without word or sound, buy azor generic, Order azor, but solely by means of shapes which stand in a certain relationship to one another. These shapes are such that they are clearly revealed in light, azor alternative. The relationships between them have not necessarily any reference to what is practical or descriptive, buy azor without prescription. Azor rx, They are a mathematical creation of your mind. They are the language of Architecture, find cheap azor online. By the use of inert materials and starting from conditions more or less utilitarian, you have established certain relationships which have aroused my emotions. This is Architecture."

~ Le Corbusier, Towards a New Architecture.

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Check out this collection of futuristic architectural visions by architect / artist Iakov Chernikhov Buy boniva without prescription, . It's always been really interesting to me that 'futuristic' architecture in the early 20th century was so focused on this idea of bridges between towers - especially since it's something that we don't really do that much, cheap boniva tablet, Boniva bangkok, and still see [it seems] as progressive.

Anyways, boniva online without prescription, Find boniva without prescription, Chernikhov's images are DOPE. Enjoy, boniva prescription. Find no rx boniva, Iakov_Chernikhov-2

.:more via->ICIF [Iakov Chernikhov International Foundation]. Boniva online pharmacy. Order generic boniva. Buy boniva on line. Find discount boniva online. Boniva online. Best price boniva. Buy boniva no prescription required. Boniva cheap. Boniva in us. Buy boniva in canada. Cheap boniva. Buy boniva no rx. Cheapest boniva prices. Buy boniva in us.

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[vimeo width="492" height="277"][/vimeo]

I linked to this great list Buy clarinex without prescription, compiled by the Architects' Journal of the 10 best comic book cities a while back, but I just came across this video [I think it's new?] and thought it was worth mentioning a second time - if only so people will check out some of these comics. Cheap clarinex from uk. Clarinex online stores. Generic clarinex. Clarinex free delivery. Real clarinex without prescription. Clarinex buy online. Buying clarinex. Order cheap clarinex. Generic clarinex online. Clarinex prices. Clarinex overnight shipping. Clarinex without rx. Clarinex. Buy clarinex pills. Clarinex overnight delivery. Cheap clarinex overnight delivery. Buy clarinex in canada. Order generic clarinex. Order clarinex in canada. Approved clarinex pharmacy.

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[ Buy clindamycin gel without prescription, image: BBC Scotland interior, David Chipperfield Architects]

"Simple. Buy discount clindamycin gel, Britain gets the architecture it deserves. We don't value architecture, order clindamycin gel no prescription required, Buy generic clindamycin gel online, we don't take it seriously, we don't want to pay for it and the architect isn't trusted.., clindamycin gel malaysia. Lowest price for clindamycin gel, We are a country that values money and individualism. Architecture becomes glorified property development, find cheap clindamycin gel, Clindamycin gel online without prescription, not valued culture. Ten storeys, buy clindamycin gel without prescription. Try for 20, buy clindamycin gel online cheap. Online clindamycin gel, Squeeze in more bedrooms. That's British architecture."

~ David Chipperfield, cheap clindamycin gel pharmacy, Clindamycin gel bangkok, in response to the Times of London asking "So why was the 'building that has made the greatest contribution to British architecture in the past year' not British. For the second year running, clindamycin gel buy drug, Discount clindamycin gel without prescription, too. Four of the six buildings on the Stirling shortlist were foreign, clindamycin gel internet, Clindamycin gel us, while the two that actually were on British soil were really rather tokenistic in comparison."

.:via->Architecture Week. Canadian clindamycin gel. Cheap generic clindamycin gel. Buy no rx clindamycin gel. Clindamycin gel online pharmacy. Clindamycin gel sales.

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Rachel Armstrong: Architecture that repairs itself?

Buy combigan without prescription, Venice, Italy is sinking. Combigan information, To save it, Rachel Armstrong says we need to outgrow architecture made of inert materials and, tablet combigan, Order combigan, well, make architecture that grows itself, buying combigan online. Free combigan, She proposes a not-quite-alive material that does its own repairs and sequesters carbon, too, order combigan no rx. Combigan overnight, --

Rachel Armstrong is a medical doctor, multi-media producer, drug combigan, Combigan no prescription, science fiction author and arts collaborator. Her current research explores architectural design and mythologies about new technology, purchase combigan no rx. She is working with scientists and architects to explore cutting-edge, sustainable technologies, buy combigan without prescription. Order combigan in us, Armstrong's hope is that, in the future, generic combigan cheap, Combigan buy, cities will be able to replace the energy they draw from the environment, respond to the needs of their populations and eventually become regarded as "alive" -- in the same way we think about parks or gardens, sale combigan. Combigan cheap drug, Since "metabolic materials" are made from terrestrial chemistry, they would not be exclusive to the developed world, find no rx combigan, Discount combigan online, and would have the potential to transform urban environments worldwide.

Basically, this woman is working to put us all out of work.., where to order combigan. Compare combigan prices, .:video via->TED

::Video Sundays is a weekly feature here on AMNP. For more architecture-related videos, buy combigan generic, click on any Sunday in the sidebar calendar, or on the "videos" category in the archjutsu section. And don't hesitate to submit suggestions for video features to architecture[at]myninjaplease[dot]com::.

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AMNP is happy to announce the newest edition of the Ninja(s) of the Month feature - where a firm / designer is selected for an extended look at their work over the course of several weeks - EASTERN design office Buy confido without prescription, . Order cheap confido online,

EASTERN design office has its base in Kyoto and acts in Japan and China. The name of EASTERN implies "architects from the east".

Founded in 2003 by Anna Nakamura and Taiyo Jinno, confido buy drug, Buy cheap confido internet, EASTERN is a Kyoto-based 4 person firm [currently]. You may have seen their work elsewhere on the web, confido alternative, Lowest price for confido, as their home designs are pretty incredible and make for great eye-candy. In particular, pharmacy confido, Discount confido overnight delivery, their work is based on an exploration of an architectural element they call the 'Slit' - which is basically exactly what it sounds like, a break of some sort in the form being created, find cheap confido online. These 'slits' make for interesting and dynamic forms/volumes and create some incredible lighting/shadow conditions, buy confido without prescription. Confido generic,
We create the architecture with "Slit". We seek a design possibility of "Slit", confido india. Order confido in us, It is an architectural technique since ancient times. But "Slit" is now our design method to change an aspect of contemporary architecture.

Six projects in total will be featured over the next few weeks - giving you a better idea of this 'Slit' idea that they use as a major design element throughout their projects, cheap confido, Low price confido, and hopefully some insight into the work of this young and talented firm.

Come through next week for the first project we'll feature by EASTERN, buy confido, Discount confido without prescription, Slit House. Buy confido online cheap. Confido online sales. Confido side effects. Confido online. Buy confido generic.

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[Cartesia Buy compazine without prescription, ]

Artist NOSIGNER has teamed with Tokushima Wood & Bamboo Industrial Cooperative Society Confederation to create a new wood furniture brand named 'AWA'. Compazine pill, Three of these new pieces were recently unveiled at DESIGNTIDE TOKYO 2009, and are featured here, compazine in malaysia. Best price compazine,

When Tokushima was once called the country of Awa, the tradition of wood furniture was initiated by ship builders, compazine uk. Compazine cheap price, Thus, AWA decided to go back to its Tokushima woodworking roots to form this new and yet traditional project to bring Japan's wood working culture into the future.

I think the dopeness of the projects speaks for itself - nothing like some Japanese minimalism and beautiful wood to create an awesome project, compazine cost. Buy compazine once daily, Here's some info from NOSIGNER:
Cartesia stands for the "Cartesian coordinate system", that is translated into a structure of drawers that have the capacity to open in two directions, find compazine online. This special quality makes it especially suitable for room corners, buy compazine without prescription. Cheap compazine from canada, The new type of system that can open the different cases at the same time,?is a fundamental shift from the traditional modus operandi, cheap compazine in usa. Compazine order, The characteristic form of Cartesia, an inverted trapezium, fda approved compazine, Cheap compazine internet, is related on a rationally based design that implies handles.



Imaginary is a table that refers to the mathematical term of "imaginary number". It includes an invisible drawer that allows to hide our cutlery and documents.







UNIT is a series of interior, cheapest generic compazine, Order no rx compazine, that is made of the same specification. Combine the chair and the law table, compazine pills. Cheap compazine from usa, They transform into a bench. Confine the stool and the chair, compazine cheapest price. Compazine sale, They become a low table. This series is a flexible interior solution that can be used in numerous ways.





.:more->via NOSIGNER, cheap compazine on internet.

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WVWS_Image By BIG_01

Buy sterapred without prescription, "Considering the special requirements of women of all cultures and all ages, special attention has been given, to provide the sports village with a feeling of intimacy and well being often lacking in the more masculine industrial-style sports complexes that are more like factories for physical exercise, than temples for body and mind."

~ Bjarke Ingels, BIG

It seems like you can't go more than a week or so without hearing that BIG has won another competition - this time, they've partnered with AKT, Tyrens and Transsolar to design the 100,000 sm World VIllage of Women Sports in Malmo Sweden. Cheap sterapred in canada, Being touted as the first of its kind, the village will be a "natural gathering place for the research, buy sterapred from us, Find sterapred on internet, education and training in all areas connected to the development of women's sports".

WVWS_Image By BIG_03

The project has been designed as a village - rather than an overpowering sports complex - in an attempt to address the scale of the surrounding neighborhood, sterapred purchase. Sterapred online sale, Sloping roof lines and staggering volumes hope to enforce this 'village' feel - along with terracing gardens and open public space, all connected with internal streets animated by public functions, sterapred overnight. Cheap sterapred internet, These sloping forms surround a large central hall large enough for a professional football [I think they mean soccer] game - which can also serve as an auditorium, performance space, sterapred cheap, Sterapred rx, conference or exhibit area, etc, order sterapred from us, Cheapest generic sterapred, etc.

Rather than being an introverted sports arena shut off from the surrounding city - it appears like an open and welcoming public space, visible from all of the surrounding streets - generously offering its interior life to the passers-by, buy sterapred without prescription. The pedestrian network around the main sports hall plugs into the surrounding street networks as well as the interior galleries of Kronprinsen, sterapred overnight delivery, Sterapred online cheap, turning it into a complete ecosystem of urban life.

WVWS_Image By BIG_02
"The WVOWS fuses high levels of ambition within public space and private accommodation, living and working, sterapred sales, Buy no rx sterapred, health and recreation, sport and culture, order sterapred no prescription required. Sterapred overnight shipping, Like a village rather than sports complex it merges the modern utopianism of the neighboring Kronprinsen with the intimate scale and specificity of the nearby historical city center of Malmo."

~ Bjarke Ingels, BIG

WVWS_Image By BIG_05

I'm kind of feeling the design - although at this point, cheap sterapred tablet, Best price sterapred, it's very reminiscent of a number of other projects by BIG. That said, order sterapred overnight delivery, they seem to have tweaked their rendering style a little bit - and I like it. Just a thought.

WVWS_Image By BIG_04




::all images, info + quotes courtesy of BIG::.

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[I Buy diltiazem cream without prescription, mage: Kyle Belcher handing out info sheets to Solar Decathlon visitors, via]

Mid-week during this year's Solar Decathlon AMNP had the opportunity to speak with Kyle Belcher, one of the project managers from Team California. A recent graduate of California College of the Arts, Kyle was involved in varying capacities from inception to the final construction and display of Team California's solar home - named 'Refract House' - which placed 3rd overall in the Decathlon.


[for images and info on the project itself, visit it's DOE site, Flickr photostream, or marketing website]

ArchitectureMNP: To start things off - could you give us an idea of how the design process worked, and how it differed from a 'typical' architecture program / design studio?

Kyle Belcher: With an architecture curriculum, Buy diltiazem cream on line, you usually take one project per studio and so we had to be a little bit flexible as you wanted students with a background in the project to continue - but we couldn't just take all their architecture studio projects away from them just so that they could work on the project. So what ended up happening was that we had a schematic design studio, where 16 students each had an 800 SF solar powered house to design. At mid-terms of that semester an independent panel of architects and engineers critiqued these students, and choose 4 schemes to move forward. Those 16 students then broke up into 4 groups of 4, and at the end of the semester one project was chosen as the direction to go in. I was in that studio and my scheme was one of the 4, but it wasn't chosen - and I thought that was going to be the end of my Decathlon, buy diltiazem cream without prescription.

There was then a summer studio elective that took that initial concept and produced a basic drawing set for the department of energy, buy diltiazem cream online without prescription. A couple of days into that studio I actually got a call from the faculty member in charge at that point on the architecture side, and was asked to be his research assistant to help finish that process. So I came in to help lead the student effort on producing those drawings. At the end of that process, we had completed a basic set of about 25 pages - and I was then asked to continue on as on of the project managers. Buy diltiazem cream without prescription, For the rest of the summer we had 4 architecture students that received a stipend to continue working on the Decathlon.

At that point we were working more closely with the engineers [from Santa Clara University], Buy diltiazem cream in canada, starting to develop the project from the engineering side, talking about what systems we wanted to use. Another architecture studio of 16 new student then helped develop those drawings further, and continued on to construction drawings. Of the 4 students from the end of the summer only 1 was actually in this new studio. The rest stayed on as advisors, taking an elective to help out with logistics - but we weren't involved in the drawings everyday. That was a little tricky, because in most architecture studios everyone is doing their own proposal, and you don't really need to work with your peers to share a single vision, buy diltiazem cream without prescription. In an office, find no rx diltiazem cream, there's a clear hierarchy of who's the principal in charge, and where everyone fits on the pay scale. We had to navigate these two things as students.

AMNP: So would you say this was more democratic than an office environment?

KB: Absolutely. Also, unlike an office, Buying diltiazem cream, there's not a clear 9-5 schedule everyday where everyone's in the office for large chunks of time to work on a project. Buy diltiazem cream without prescription, At that point we had to meet more often with the engineers, and their schedules were completely different than the architecture students' schedules in terms of availability. So a lot of those design meetings had to get pushed off to Saturdays and Sundays, as well as late night phone calls and emails.

At that point there wasn't simply one architecture student that was handling the details - it wasn't quite design by committee, but it was 3 or 4 people that were of an equal level talking about design decisions. So it was hard, and it was a learning process - especially working with the engineers that don't have prior work experience, just like the architecture student, buy diltiazem cream canada. Having to navigate that learning curve both within our own discipline and through dealing with other fields was a major obstacle to overcome.

In the following Spring there was one final studio, with some overlap of students, working on the full set of construction drawings, buy diltiazem cream without prescription. That ended in May, and then the managers who were graduating ran shop and finished the construction drawings and then led construction. Most construction didn't start until after May.

AMNP: Could you talk a little about the decision to segment the house and create that courtyard?

KB: When we started the process we looked at precedents of other Decathlons - looking at what had been successful for other teams, and at what may not have worked. Diltiazem cream, We noticed that a lot of the houses are simple 'bar' buildings, which have a lot of efficiencies for cross-ventilation, etc - but they were these 'bar' building with pitched roofs for solar panels, and that was kind of it. Buy diltiazem cream without prescription, So our rallying cry over the past year has been 'breaking out of the box', and seeing how we can not just have 1 or 2 modules, but actually use 3 separate modules to create that courtyard - and because we were limited in square footage, we wanted to make use of exterior space to make the home feel much larger.

AMNP: So then you jumped right into construction at the beginning of the summer?

KB: Finishing up the school year we were a little behind in construction because, like any drawing set, things don't get done until there are deadlines. The deadline of the end of school, cheap diltiazem cream without prescription, and knowing we were losing a lot of our work force in the class forced us to kick it in gear with the construction drawings - some construction couldn't be started until those drawings were finished, obviously - so there was one big push the last 3 weeks of May, which were the 3 weeks after graduation, to finish the construction drawings and deliver them to the Department of Energy by June 3rd.

As of the first week of May we only had our steel moment frames up and intact. The construction site being on Santa Clara's campus, Diltiazem cream cheap price, and Santa Clara being in school until the first or second week of June, it proved difficult for both finishing construction drawings and doing full 9-5 construction in Santa Clara.

AMNP: How long did it take to finish construction at Santa Clara - and how much of the construction was completed before the house was shipped to DC?

KB: We only had 6 days to put the house together on the National Mall, buy diltiazem cream without prescription. Because of that limitation we had to get as far in construction as possible in Santa Clara, except for those things that were site-critical. I say that because we faced some unique challenges with some of the code requirements. We needed the house to be ADA accessible, so we needed ADA ramps - but we didn't have a true survey of our site, to know what the slope was going to be across the site, buy generic diltiazem cream. We knew where the ramps were going to be, but because of the slopes of the ramps we didn't know what the finished height of the deck was going to be ... Buy diltiazem cream without prescription, [we had to] make sure we were under a 30" threshold [so that the deck itself wouldn't need guardrails] and could still fit our ramps within the envelope dictated by the Department of Energy. We were pretty nervous. We had all of the ramps built in Santa Clara - we just didn't know if it was all going to work out until we got to DC. Also the exterior lighting and signage were handled when we got to Washington - but everything else was done in Santa Clara.

AMNP: Could you describe some of the sustainable / green / recycled materials used in the house?

KB: A lot of teams are using reclaimed materials and recycled materials - but I think one of the things that made our house successful was that there are elements of it that feel very familiar to a home owner, Get diltiazem cream, but at the same time we're using materials in either a new way or with a balance of a kind of modern aesthetic but with familiar materials. We tried to have a simple palette in the house, which keeps the space feeling open, buy diltiazem cream without prescription. We have elm on the floors, reclaimed from trees with Dutch Elm disease which were headed for the landfill - this company in Canada actually reengineered it into hardwood floor. We absolutely love that tone and texture. We also had bamboo cabinetry that's all integrated together throughout all the spaces in the house - and stone countertops, which again, countertops are something that everyone has seen, but we were able to integrate it into the cabinetry and into the backsplash in such a way that people were able to say "that's a creative way of doing that", diltiazem cream pharmacy, while at the same time it isn't foreign to them, it isn't sci-fi to them.

In those home furnishing it was a combination of things available on the market and other student designs. Buy diltiazem cream without prescription, We tapped in to another network of designers at the California College of the Arts - we had a textile student upholster the couch with recycled wool he had found; we had fashion design students hang [their original work] in the closets in our bedroom; we had a glass-blowing student do custom fixtures, one on the island and one in the bathroom; a student designed and built the coffee table in the living room; and we had a Master's of Fine Arts student who does paintings on non-recyclable plastic - little plastic paintings for a tooth brush or something - then she paints these beautiful little painting on them, so we have those framed in the hallway; we have custom ceramics in the house for all the dish-ware, it's from a clay that's harvested from SF Bay - they take old wine bottles and crush them, then use that really fine glass as the enamel; we then used that same glass source, and an artist made new glasses from these crushed wine bottles. We tried to approach students in other disciplines, and ask them what sustainability means to them - and what pieces they have that are sustainable and can fit into the larger narrative of this house as an education tool. In doing so the house felt more comfortable, Buy cheapest diltiazem cream online, as if someone actually lived there - and that there was a variety of textures and pieces that were just eclectic enough to make the home feel not feel like a showroom. Finding that balance was hard, but I think we were able to do it.

AMNP: So what happens to the house after the Decathlon?

KB: We recently won a grant - the final details are still be worked out - to display the house in front of San Jose city hall, as part of a green building exhibit that the city of San Jose wants to put up. [We're excited] to show our finished house in California to our friends and family in the area, buy diltiazem cream without prescription. We're still working through those details - and then for the final location of the house - there's a chance that we could be displaying the house in Santiago, Chile, at the US embassy, order diltiazem cream online. The US ambassador has expressed an interest in our house, and at displaying it at the embassy. All the details haven't been worked out, but that's what's being discussed.

AMNP: Do you think the house will ever be lived in?

KB: Our intention was to use the house as an education tool, and to put it in environments where we can get the most publicity for what green building can be - showing that you can design a house that isn't only comfortable and livable, Generic diltiazem cream online, but is also high performing. Buy diltiazem cream without prescription, So for us, that was more important than selling the house to the highest bidder, and letting someone put it on their lake-front property somewhere. We were very conscious of the house feeling like a 'home' - being livable - but also working and acting as a public exhibit.

AMNP: As a recent graduate, had you been working on your thesis for the past year while also working on the Decathlon. That sounds insane.

KB: That was a tricky thing for me to overcome personally. Last December I had done the research portion of my thesis - and was interested in my thesis, obviously - but I didn't want to drop the ball with this Decathlon experience, which had been increasingly taking up my time, diltiazem cream prices. I was worried about balancing the two, but was basically convinced to do both, buy diltiazem cream without prescription. So for a little while last semester I had to step away from working on the details [of the Decathlon] and finish my thesis, and then was back into the Decathlon full-bore in May.

AMNP: How did your role in the project change after graduation - and how were you able to stay on the team?

KB: It was tricky, because a lot of the leaders on the project were graduating in May - and the final construction document drawings were due to the Department of Energy in June. What ended up happening was that a small stipend went to the managers that graduated in May, and they helped run the studio to finish up drawings and then moved into full construction over the summer. Diltiazem cream medication, So we're getting a small stipend to work on this project right now. Buy diltiazem cream without prescription, The DOE gives each of the schools $100,000 in grants that are supposed to go towards student salaries over the two years.

AMNP: Could you talk about how the Decathlon experience differed from that of a typical architecture undergrad - and how it changed your view / understanding of architecture?

KB: I was fortunate enough to have a couple of summer internships under my belt before getting into this project, which I think prepared me a little bit - but nothing is really like the experience of doing it all yourself. It was at times a challenge, because a lot of the stuff we're learning on the fly. In the real world, in our limited experiences working in offices, we weren't in the positions we were in in the Decathlon - in the sense that in the Decathlon we're not only the architects and engineers, diltiazem cream malaysia, we're also the owners, the project managers, and the construction managers. We had to wear many hats, and be able to juggle multiple perspectives on the project at the same time. I think especially the time while we were finishing the construction drawings - and in addition to the construction drawings we had to write a full cost estimate for every part of the house and a full construction specification for everything in the house - it was at that time that we realized that even as undergraduate students and as students with limited experience in the "real world", that we could do it, buy diltiazem cream without prescription. There's this realization that [you need to] jump in, Diltiazem cream pharmacy online, head first, and learn to swim - and I think we showed that you can do it, so it's been inspiring in that regard.

AMNP: What has been the most exciting part of this experience for you so far?

KB: I'm actually really excited for tonite [Wednesday, Oct. 14th], because tonite is the first time that we actually get to tour all of the other houses. So public tours are closed down, price of diltiazem cream, there's no contest going on tonite, and it's kind of just an 'open house' party with the other 19 teams. Buy diltiazem cream without prescription, The thing I've been most excited about, and has been the most pleasing, is touring the other houses - I've only been to 3 of the other houses so far -and making friends with the other competitors. We all know just how hard this process was over the past 2 years, and what we had to overcome to get here - so there isn't really a rivalry like you get in most competitions. At this point the house is what it is, there isn't much we can do to affect the judging - so people are just kind of hanging out with members of other teams. You go into the other houses and you know these other students have worked so hard, and that their response is completely valid and appropriate response to an 800sf solar powered-house. It's exciting to see what these other teams have come up with as solutions.

AMNP: Not to put you on the spot, since you haven't been to all the other homes - but which of the other projects has impressed you the most so far?

KB: Well, I'll speak to the German house - because that's the one I've spent the most time in other than our house, buy diltiazem cream without prescription. We ended up being in the same hotel as team Germany, so we got to share a lot of anecdotes with them - they've hung out in our house, and we've hung out in theirs. I was impressed with their ability to have a whole second story - [they've] got a pretty complex spatial arrangement in a small house, in under 800sf, and in talking to them and walking around that space it was clear that theirs was also an appropriate response to the challenge. It's one of those open-ended tests where there is no one 'right' answer. The same with Virginia Tech's house - I was able to tour theirs, and it was a very efficient floor plan and nice detail in a house so small ... and a completely different layout in a house around a core, which was interesting.

AMNP: What are your plans now that the Decathlon is finally finished?

KB: For the immediate future I am going back to San Francisco with a hope of finding a job in Europe. I have a couple of potential offers but I am still trying to figure out all the details.


.:Team California's Flickr photostream->

.:Team California at DOE Solar Decathlon site->

.:Team California's 'Refract House' website->

AMNP would like to thank Kyle for taking the time to do the interview - and the California College of the Arts for reaching out to us and making the interview possible.

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