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Thanks China!

For completely screwing-over the entire planet. Brilliant! A writer for the Guardian, who was in the room for a number of the Copenhagen talks, explains how China blocked all the major iniatives – and how Obama isn’t [really] to blame. “I am certain that had the Chinese not been in the room, we would have left Copenhagen with a deal that had environmentalists popping champagne corks in every corner of the world.”

.:full story->The Guardian

Medieval U.N.

What is going on with Gwathmey Siegel & Associates’ U.N. Mission project? If they were going for secure, why not put everyone in an actual bunker then?

“The concrete-paneled pillar opens grudgingly as it rises, transitioning from a blank wall to perforations just wide enough for an archer, to vast executive windows near the top. The structure embodies the latest in security doctrine and technology, but it has a stark, medieval look, as if it were meant to defend against catapults and trebuchets. Welcome to your friendly federal government’s new diplomatic presence on the Manhattan skyline.”

.:full story->via NY Mag

Swiss Bigots

Minarets are now banned in Switzerland, in a move that is so absurdly ignorant that all I can do is laugh. Consider this: what is a minaret but a different word for something that is essentially the same as a common feature in Christian churches/cathedrals? Bell towers and tall steeples? My ninjas, please – same exact thing. Shit, bell towers even serve the same purpose as a minaret. Why not just build giant signs that read “hey, all you Muslims – we’d prefer it if you got the hell out of here”. This is why in a true democracy [so nowhere] you don’t have popular votes on these kinds of issues – because people in large groups are all too often biased, small minded, clique-orientated, bigots. Last time I checked popular demand wasn’t a solid reason for the government allowing the many to mistreat the few…

.:full story->Telegraph

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SketchUp + Autism

This, I think, is a really cool / interesting story: “It all started when Google’s Tom Wyman and Chris Cronin started getting enthusiastic calls and e-mails from architects who had children on the spectrum. Their kids, the parents reported, had discovered the software program and loved it. All they needed was their creativity and a computer mouse and they could design entire neighborhoods.

.:full story->via Newsweek