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Syd Mead: Visions of the Future


[Image: Syd Mead, Superhighways, Approach to the City]

“If you’ve ever looked down on a major [highway] interchange you couldn’t have helped but admire the very definite swings and tensions of the road curvatures, interlocking lanes and off-ramps, all based on precise control of the kinetic energy flowing over them.” [via]


Syd Mead may not be a name that you all immediately recognize, but I can say with certainty that you’re familiar with his work. An ‘industrial designer’, Mead worked for Ford in the early 60′s in the Advanced Styling Center – going on to found his own company in 1970, Syd Mead Inc. He then goes on to work on some of the biggest sci-fi / futuristic movies to come out during the past 30 years, including the first Star Trek movie, Blade Runner [the man responsible for those city backgrounds that you all know about], Tron, 2010, Aliens, Short Circuit, and Mission to Mars. During the 90′s he branched into art design for video games, and even worked on designs for the Gundam animes. He’s [among others] basically been subtly shaping our expectations of the future for 3 decades.



For more on Mead – head on over to his homepage, or pick up one of his books.

For more architecture of the future as seen in the movies, check this out.

Eye Candy: The City Shrinker


[Image: Reserved]

So be honest, my ninjas – how many of you had to take a second look to be sure that this wasn’t a photograph of a model? Pretty siiick, right? Welcome to the world of Ben Thomas, AKA the City Shrinker – a photographer who’s goal is to force you to question the way you perceive your surroundings.

My aim is to give that feeling of newness with each shot I take. My method is to take what was once large and shrink it down to model size. To take the familiar and get you thinking even if for a second “wait a minute, is that…”

Head on over to the City Shrinker‘s website for more of his images – or drop him an email to pick up a limited edition signed print [or just to let him know he's ill].


[Image: River Constructed]

::Images and info courtesy of The City Shrinker‘s website::

Eye Candy: Alexandre Farto


This week’s eye candy comes to you from Alexandre Farto, AKA Vhils, an artist that I unfortunately know nothing about – other than he’s ill. I don’t know the names of the individual works shown, but all are part of his Building3Steps project, and the images below are all photos of one installation [a photo of each side of the installation space, and a detail]. In particular I’m really feelin’ the whole ‘the city has roots’ thing, and the color contrast between above/below ground. Pretty siiick. Check out his website for more.



::all images from Alexandre Farto’s website::



While our Wednesday posts tend to be a little lax [read: lazy - just throwing up an image ain't that hard], this week’s architecte de la semaine [ADLS] LTL Architects has some visual gems worth dropping. In particular I like the top image – but I’m pretty sure they were intended as a sequence.

What is it you ask? Pure speculative ridiculousness [making it perfect for MNP] : Mies-on-a-Beam [first published in Pamphlet Architecture 21: Situation Normal]. Here’s the firm’s brief description, as found in their book Opportunistic Architecture:

What if the cleaning system for the windows of the Seagram building was considered a landscape supplement, returning function to the two anomalous, nonfunctional aspects of the building: the I-beams and the tree plaza? How can one do more with less-is-more?

For a more in-depth discussion, head on over to archidose where our ninja John aparently posted on this last spring.
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Eye Candy : LTL’s Architectural Illustrations

Eye Candy : ‘Wind Dam’


Chetwood Associates, a firm out of London [with offices in Leeds and Birmingham] is proposing a £2.5 million “wind dam”, over a lake in Russia.

The dam, which would be located over a gorge at Lake Lagoda in north-west Russia, includes a cup-shaped spinnaker sail, believed to be the first of its kind, which will generate renewable energy by funnelling the wind through an attached turbine.

…it is also highly effective at capturing the wind because it replicates the work of a dam and doesn’t let the wind escape in the way it does using traditional propellers.

My ninjas, please.

::via bdonline, The Architectss Website::

Eye Candy : LTL’s Architectural Illustrations



This week’s installment of our Eye Candy feature showcases the illustrations of LTL Architect’s. I’m not going to say much about the firm, as they’re going to be featured as Architecte de la Semaine and will be discussed in depth then. So for now, enjoy these images – and head on over to LTL’s ‘speculations page to view some conceptual/competition work the firm has done, all of which is pretty nastily illustrated.


[image : PARK TOWER]