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Ninjas on the ‘net


[Image: The Internet’s “Black Holes”, from Reporters Without Borders]

These internets are a dangerous place. You drop your guard for a second, next thing you know you’re on Wikipedia reading about box jellyfish wondering “how the hell did I get here? and when did it get to be 2 A.M.?” [oh, and probably thinking that getting stung by an Irukandji sounds like just about the worst thing ever]. Well, my ninjas, there’s no need to fear – this is exactly why there’s MyNinjaPlease to help guide you on your journey through the world wide web. So sit back, relax, and enjoy a few hand picked links courtesy of Ninjas on the ‘net here at AMNP.

[Note: AMNP and MNP as a whole take no responsibility for you getting trapped on/in any of these other sites, any of which could snatch an hour or two from you before you knew it]

Apartment Therapy NYC features this incredible home: Industrial Work / Live Space by Brian Bell and David Yocum [so siiick, in fact, that you might be seeing it here in a week or so].

Ballardian has an article on J.G. Ballard & Architectures of Control, and and an interview with photographer Troy Paiva.

anArchitecture brings us a Swiss cross made with shipping containers.

– Don’t miss Archidose’s most recent Weekly Dose – featuring the rehabilitation of seven houses in Cádiz, Spain by MGM Arquitectos.

Studio Wikitecture’s entry in the Open Architecture Network Challenge was awarded the ‘Founder’s Award’ as well as ‘3rd Place’ for their design of the Nyaya Tele-Medicine facility in Western Nepal. Congrats guys.

Eikongraphia hits us with some info on OMA’s Coolsingel Cube – a proposal for what looks like a fairly large mixed use project in Rotterdam.

A woman marries the Eiffel Tower? How the hell did I miss that…

– Incredibly siiick [and haunting] photos by Alexey Titarenko, for a project called “City of Shadows“, over at BLDGBLOG.

Controversy at the Acropolis, brought to us by the Guardian‘s art&architecture blog.

Chinese portable toilets blowing up [via Where]?

Where discusses Chicago as the creative capital of the universe.

-And don’t forget about the rest of the MNP [My Ninja Please!] crew: the parent site, MyNinjaPlease; MusicMNP; GreenMNP; PolitricksMNP; and RobotNinja.

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Ninjas on the ‘net


[Image: World Within New York, which shows how different neighborhoods reach out to the rest of the world via the AT&T telephone network].

For this, the return of our Ninjas on the ‘net feature, we’re bringing you the entire [essentially] New York Times Magazine from this past weekend [6.8.2008].

Metropolis Now – a look at how film influences architecture, and vice-versa
Guerrilla Gardening – more guerilla gardening [which was on MNP a minute ago – don’t front]
A Lot-Ek Solution – and article [obviously] on the work of Lot-Ek

The New, New City – a look at the new megalopolis of the new millennium

Now, this means that you need to create a free login for the New York Times – but let’s be real, my ninjas, you should’ve done that by now…

Moving along…

-Check out the Whitehouse Redux on NPR, here.

-Old project, but I LOVE Studio 80‘s Tea Houses – check them out over at Atelier A+D.

-Metropolis has chosen a winner of it’s 2008 Next Generation competition.

-An interview with Louisiana architect Trey Trahan over at Archinect.

-Check out the [insane] Klein Bottle House, by Mcbride Charles Ryan, over at materialicious.

-Is your firm [or the one you work at] one of the top 150 [in terms of revenue]? Find out over at ArchRecord.

-Just a note: our Reviews page is up – so just click ‘Reviews‘ in the header to check out the books we’ve featured on AMNP!

-And, for shits and giggles – “Babylon a Vampire” t-shirts on MNP [because it’s true].

In other architecture and New York news, our ninja and blogger extraordinaire John Hill of Archidose is now the proud father of a baby girl! A big MNP fam CONGRATS! to John and his wife. The baby, however, now has a lifetime of architecture to endure…poor thing…

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Ninjas on the ‘net


[Image: Global Internet Map]

There’s definitely not enough time in the day for you to be searching through all these here internets looking for that premium content – and while we here at MNP provide a particular filter to a number of topics, we can’t cover it all. That’s why we have our ‘Ninjas on the ‘net‘ feature, to direct you to some of the past week’s [roughly] quality posts that we think you should check out.

– our ninja John over at archidose continues his 40 Bond ruminations

ARCH*IDEA hits us with a pavilion made of [I assume empty] cases of beer

Atelier A+D features some digital origami

materialicious features a Chilean barn house

BLDGBLOG investigates the possibility of subterranean mixed-use projects being introduced in Amsterdam – beneath the canals

Pruned has a house in a missile

-our ninja Preston at Jetson Green covers foolish college students and Brooklyn’s first green housing

Life Without Buildings covers the winners of the What If New York City…? competition

Arkinetia features a Portuguese home worth checking out
Inhabitat tries to explain to us why Thom Mayne’s Federal Building can’t get LEED certified

Lastly, check out our sponsors! Designer Pages is shaping up to be a major player in the architecture world, bringing vendors, product designers, architects, builders, and everybody else together in one place to check out each others products and collaborate. Meanwhile, Princeton Architectural Press is one of the premier sources for architecture publications in the world, with a catalog that should be peeped by all at least once a month.

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Ninjas on the ‘net


[Image: Chris Harrison’s Internet Density world map – via]

Well I have to be honest people – the time I would have normally used to prepare something for today was spent watching the Patriots improve to 18 – 0 over the Chargers to win the AFC Championship – moving one step closer to being the illest, most gangsterish [yeah, that’s a word], most ninja team ever. So, en lieu of me writing something I’ve got a link-packed edition of Ninjas on the ‘net for you. And I’m not just linking to anyone here, so check these ninjas out.

– For starters, head on over to Architecture + Morality for some interesting architectural discourse, as always – but for this post in particular: The Patriots: Putting Adam Smith to the Test.

Coolboom features an Ancient Tree.

archidose hits use with two half-doses last week [which definitely ad up to more than one dose…]: East River State Park, and Zaha hits the slopes.

– Head on over to ArchiSpass for a cutout that will make you an instant architect.

Subtopia heads to San Diego to give a lecture for the ‘Young and the Restless‘.

– Our ninja Geoff from BLDGBLOG lectures at the Bartlett – all you London heads be prepared.

The Guardian tells us how Africa can become Europe’s new power source [great…a new way to exploit the motherland – like the EU will pay African nations a fair rate].

– The Architecture, Planning and Design Program of the New York State Council on the Arts is offering grants! Go get yours today.

– How do you envision a future White House? Storefront for Art + Architecture would like to know – and will even hook you with some $$$ if they think your idea is the best. Go get your architecture hustle on with the White House Redux.


[Image: Chris Harrison’s internet map representing World City-to-City connections – via]

Lastly, check out our sponsors! Designer Pages is shaping up to be a major player in the architecture world, bringing vendors, product designers, architects, builders, and everybody else together in one place to check out each others products and collaborate. Meanwhile, Princeton Architectural Press is one of the premier sources for architecture publications in the world, with a catalogue that should be peeped by all at least once a month.

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Ninjas on the ‘net


[Image: Some internet map I found that looks like something out of an 80’s ‘B’ scifi movie – I love it]

I’m going to start this weekly roundup with our ninja Jennifer over at OffBeat Homes, and MNP fav. Jen is always holding it down for the ninjas, and even threw some link love to Green.MNP the other day, which is always great. She’s also running a contest on her page that you should check out, maybe you can win some free gear.

Next up is 9th dan status archidose, where John always has great content – this week with an interesting post on the Hudson Yards project in NYC.

Head on over to BLDGBLOG where Geoff has some great images of a post-apocalyptic city within an apartment and a post on server rooms and the future of humanism.

Green.MNP holds it down with posts on walkable cities, mutant frogs, hobbit homes and the world post-kyoto.

Music.MNP has reviews of the new Bondocks Mixtape and the new WU, a video of an interview with Ghostface, new oldschool rap videos and more.

For this week’s ninjas on the ‘net I also want to go ‘offline’ with some recommendations. I know, I know – leaving the computer is a scary idea…but I would never mislead you, my ninjas.

First off, I’ve recently gotten my hands on the newest edition of Log [Summer/Fall 2007]. It’s not really ‘new’, but its new to me, so know that its a good read with some interesting articles.Some of this issues topics include Dubai, cities in the global South, the question of sustainability, geometries, another new urbanism, and musings on the egosphere.

There’s also Wallpaper* – a quality source of everything design related, from fashion to food to architecture. This broad range of topics allows the magazine to stand out from other strictly ‘architecture’ magazines, making it [in my opinion] more interesting to check out.

Metropolis is also an MNP favorite, and is pretty widely known in the architecture/design world. Beyond their physical mag, tho, they have a really solid website that should be peeped by all. Of particular interest recently is an article on the new New York Times headquarters [their ‘100 year home’], and an article revisiting the oil crisis of the 1973.

Last, but not least – Dwell. Always great stuff.

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Ninjas on the ‘net


[Image: A 3D hyperbolic graph of Internet topology, created using the Walrus visualization tool developed at the Cooperative Association for Internet Data Analysis (CAIDA) – via]

Well, it’s been a slow week here at architecture.MNP – the rush to get work done during the short week before Thanksgiving, consumption of too much turkey, and general ridiculousness have kept posting down over the long weekend. But we’re back – and there’s a ton of content for this upcoming week – leading into the 1 year anniversary of the drop of the MNP microsites, including architecture.MNP.

So what should you have been checking out while I was slackin’ on the posts? For starters, EVERYBODY needs to head on over to The Architecture of Fear, where our ninja George is holding it down in Kabul – keeping everyone informed through his site [which is typically ill, Kabul trip aside]. Don’t sleep.


Mobile Minimalism over at BLDGBLOG hits us with some shipping container architecture

– a conversation with Eric Bunge, of nARCHITECTS, over at architechnophilia

– a concept for the New Jalisco Library [Gudalajara, Mexico] on the MNP main site

– the Bridge House of Sierra Leone over at Pruned

– our ninja Jennifer over at OffBeat Homes is Enthralled With Drew Heath, with good reason

And last, but most definitely not least – Michiel over at Eikongraphia [been far too long since we’ve linked to the 9th dan of iconography] has two great posts you should check out : Tulip, by Innovatieplatform 2 & LandPrint, by Kitchen Budapest

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Ninjas on the ‘net


[image : mapping the internet – MNP is in that yellow-ish zone nearing the center. look for us right at the core sometime next year]

Even the most skilled of ninjas can feel overwhelmed while trying to navigate these internets and stay up on their game – but that’s what MNP is here for, to help you white belts hold your own with all the 9th dans out here.

-First off, for my favorite post from last week [on a non-MNP site, of course]: Architecture + Morality‘s The Patriots: Ayn Rand’s Football Team.

-Secondly, let’s address last week’s big news: MIT is suing Frank Gehry for that Stata Center project’s leaky-ass roof. This news didn’t appear here sooner for the simple reason that I found out when I woke up [saw it on the news first thing] and was sick of the story by the end of the day. Now normally I’d be all about the irony here, that Gehry is one of the biggest starchitects in the world yet his building is leaking – but the media here in Boston was just so ridiculous with it, talking about how ‘of course it leaked – look at the roof line’. My ninjas, PLEASE. The whole thing just turned into people who know nothing about architecture/construction talking out-their-asses about proper roof construction. I was hoping for more ‘famous architects are egotistical know-it-all buffoons’ type commentary – maybe next time.

-more on the Arctic post-apocalyptic seed vault on BLDGBLOG.

-‘design research project on generative, computational form finding‘ on archidose.

-found this link while over at archidose – Human-Assisted Design. Great stuff.

-The Guardian asks : Is Modernism Dead? Will the new Olympic Stadium live on after the games? And does this thing at Traflagar Square make any sense?

And on our very own MNP Network…

Green.MNP has published its first interview, featuring a discussion Jessie had with the ninjas from Bikes Not Bombs, a Boston based bike shop/global activist. Pretty ill – definitely a must-read.

-the myninjaplease mainsite brings us another solid installment of ‘Art Day’, featuring art depicting natural disasters/catastrophes [interesting stuff] – amongst other ridiculousness to help you procrastinate all day.

-the music site is hitting us with constant freshness – old school rap videos, new reggae, MF Grimm on NPR [yeah – you should listen to that], Shoalin vs Wu Tang [shit is crazy] and more.

-and last, but not least, we have politricks.MNP, which has been poppin’ off since the edition of Brendan to the shogunate head on over there for insightful political commentary on everything you need to know [but wish you didn’t] about these politricks and their BS.

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Green Tuesdays


While this was a slow edition of ‘Green Tuesdays’ here at architecture.MNP, you should know that you can click the ‘green arch‘ category in our ‘archjutsu’ section at the upper right of the page to find all the green projects + products that we’ve featured here on the site. In edition, you can click any Tuesday in the calender in the far right column and find all of our ‘Green’ Tuesday’ posts. Blogs typically have quick turnover times between content, but that doesn’t mean that that content shouldn’t be checked out. That being said, if you’re fiending for more and more green, head on over to green.MNP for green news, DIY tips, green technologies, and even more architecture.

The being said, there’s all sorts of great ‘green’ or ‘sustainable’ content around the web that you should be checking out – from the CDC’s testimony on climate change’s impact on our health [being edited] to articles questioning why green architecture [like this] is getting a pass. There’s even the green giants, so to speak, who are always holding it down.

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Ninjas on the ‘net


[image : a visualization of the internet via Wikipedia]

– I just learned of this site – LE TERRITOIRE DES SENS – which is a French-language blog [out of Quebec] about ‘art, architecture, design, nature + science’ that everyone should go check out [regardless of whether or not you can speak French].

– Our ninja Michiel from Eikongraphia has an interesting series of posts on architecture in Dubai going on, with Michiel’s on-point critical eye making a popular topic interesting again.

– Off-beat ninja Jen, from Off Beat Homes, features a model of San Francisco…made of jell-o!

– “Gaudi did for architecture what Lautréamont did for poetry: he put it through the bath of madness.” Gaudi in the ‘Literary Dose #17‘ over at archidose.

– Michelle from atelier a+d gives out some helpful ARE study tips.

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