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MNP Goes LEED Double Diamond


The MNP fam has decided that it was finally time we ‘officially’ went ‘green’ – even tho ninjas have obviously always lived in perfect harmony with their environment. With that in mind, AMNP was kind enough to grace the USGBC and GBCI with our membership – and my becoming a LEED AP. For us it was little more than an early morning diversion and a few hundred bucks lost – but now these LEED organizations can claim an association with the shogunate, which will surely improve public perception of both groups. You’re welcome, USGBC and GBCI – no big thing, really.

With this in mind, we’ve decided to go for a LEED rating here at MNP. For AMNP specifically, this means that I will be recycling 100% of future content from other blogs and websites within a 500 mile radius. I’ll also be creating a graphic for the top of the page advising visitors that the site is best viewed with your monitor off, to save electricity.

I’ve also presented plans to the rest of myninjaplease to take the network to LEED Double Diamond status – which is lightyears ahead of Platinum, for those that didn’t know – by constructing the new dojo in a paralel dimension that has no impact on our own, accessed from an urban brownfield site we’ll be converting to a public park.

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Death of a Ninja: Michael Jackson


Michael Jackson, ‘The King of Pop’
August 29, 1958 – June 25, 2009

I just wanted to take a moment to acknowledge the passing of a cultural icon, Michael Jackson.

I obviously can’t speak to the controversy that surrounded so much of his life in recent memory – nor can I turn a blind eye, because he’s passed, to the possibility that the allegations may be true. His image and legacy will forever be tarnished by events of the last decade or so, but dwelling on uncertain facts at this point seems disrespectful. Everyone ‘believes’ something about what happened, yet most ‘know’ nothing – I think its important to consider the difference between the two now that the man is gone.

The controversy is over – we are now faced with deciding how we chose to remember this incredible artist, a legend in his own lifetime.

For the immediate future [at least], I’d like to stick with what I know to be true: Michael Jackson changed global music and pop culture, forever – and I love his music. He was an incredible talent, and will be missed.

Rest in peace, sir.

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Lists, Rankings, and News


Anyone who has dropped by AMNP in the past week or so has seen that the site has suffered both from my being asleep at the wheel, and some kind of server access issues. We’ve apparently been switched to a new server by our host, which accounts for at least some of the downtime over the past few days – which has had the pleasant side-effect of speeding up the load time of the sites [for the time being, at least]. So, we were up and down there for a few days, but we came out faster for you to access. Let’s hope it stays that way.

Moving on to bigger and better things – AMNP has been featured in the MoPo 2009 and YAMoPo 2009 lists/rankings by Eikongraphia and Arch Daily, respectively. We’re rapidly approaching the 3 year anniversary of MNP this summer – of AMNP, more specifically, this fall – and it’s exciting to see that we’ve carved out some kind of place for ourselves on these here architecture-related interwebs.

MoPo 2009, via Eikongraphia

2. Archidose
3. City of Sound
>4. Architecture.mnp< 5. Pruned
6. Architechnophilia
7. Tropolism
8. Architectural Videos
9. Mirage Studio 7
10. Super Colossal
11. Subtopia
12. Landscape+Urbanism
13. Sit down man, you’re a bloody tragedy
14. Architecture Chicago Plus
15. Lebbeus Woods
16. Strange Harvest
17. Life Without Buildings
18. Eye Candy
19. Design with Intent
20. Earth Architecture
21. Anarchitecture
22. Hugh Pearman
23. Brand Avenue
24. a456
25. The Arch

YAMoPo 2009 via Arch Daily

1. ArchDaily (
2. Architectural Record (
3. Architonic (
4. Archinect (
5. World Architecture News (
6. Architecture week (
7. Bustler (
8. AIA (
9. World Architects (
10. Bldg Blog (
11. World Architecture Community (
12. Building Design (
13. Mirage Studio (
14. RIBA (
>15. Architecture MNP (< 16. AJ Online (
17. MIMOA (
18. Eiknographia (
19. Architect Magazine (
20. ArchiDose (
21. + Mood (

Hells yeah.

Well – all that said, I now feel the need to get the content seriously flowing again. Check back in later today for our next installment of our Ninja of the Month feature on Dan Hisel.

*Note: I realize I say ‘we’ a lot around here when talking about the site and MNP in general. That isn’t because there are a group of us that write for this site – that’s essentially all me at this point, barring the occasional guest spot. The ‘we’, ‘our’, ‘us’, etc, etc, is in reference to the other people involved in MNP’s various sites. We’re a crew – and even though all the sites are essentially written by an individual, MNP as a whole is a group endeavor.

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AOS – Dancehall Reggae In The Mix Vol 2


So sure, this mixtape is a little bit ridiculous – but I’m lovin’ it regardless. And I mean, c’mon – who doesn’t like a little dancehall thrown into the mix?

AOS Presents… Dancehall Reggae In The Mix, Vol 2
1. Intro
2. Pedal It Een – Mister G
3. Snap Shot – Mister G Ft. Star Child
4. Hype – Tony Matterhorn
5. Fat P Gal – Demarco
6. Gweh – Assassin
7. Sen It – Assassin
8. Ghetto Life Hard – Demarco
9. Call We Name – Chino


10. Hustling Forever – Demarco
11. Money Ova Crime – Elephant Man
12. Bad Man Life – Einstein & Ikonji
13. Last Man Standing – Vybz Kartel Ft. Hunt
14. Mi Breitling – Black Rhino
15. Look So Hot – Beenie Man
16. Dance & Sweep – Elephant Man


17. Dancehall Soca – Elephant Man
18. Take It Or Leave It – Ragga
19. Rave – RDX Ft. Alric Body
20. She Fine – Sean Paul
21. La La La – Wada Ft. Andrew Blood
22. Dem To Fast – Bugle
23. Tiny Tot – Spragga Benz
24. Dem Fool Fool – Bramma
25. Money Over War – Laden


26. Knock It Off – Rally Bop
27. Freeze Up – Einstein
28. Rise & Fall – Matik
29. Haterz – Elephant Man Ft. Hunt & Jim Jones
30. Boy Fi Dead – Demarco
31. Life As A Juvenile – Demarco
32. Our World Remix – Elephant Man Ft. Demarco
33. Bad Boys – Laden
34. Haffi Mek It – Vybz Kartel
35. Rich Dis Year – Charly Black


36. Working Hard – Laden
37. I’m Strong – Laden
38. Young Black & Powerfull – Konshens
39. Mama – Vybz Kartel
40. Wine For Me – Vybz Kartel Ft. Lisa Hype
41. Call On Me – Lutan Fyah
42. Eyez – Collie Budz

.:Dancehall Reggae In The Mix Vol 2->mixtapetorrent

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Breakfast Club: Rise & Grind


[image: Chaos men’s tee]

Sticking with this whole Saturday postings being non-architecture related thing, I bring you Breakfast Club: Rise & Grind.

It doesn’t really seem as if these ninjas here need any help promoting their gear – least of all from me. I mean, how am I supposed to compete with a Donny Wahlberg endorsement? I can’t sing and dance, I know that….

Anyways, one of the company’s founders was like fam to me back in the day – that, and I’m always looking to support Beantown-based projects. Their mission statement also sounds hilariously like something you’d hear from MNP:

We’re not just a company…we’re a movement.

We pride ourselves on being part of a new generation of young adults who are natural-born legal-hustlers.

And when a person wakes up first and hits the ground running while the rest are fast asleep, they will always ‘Eat first,” hence the name Breakfast Club. We make clothing for young, fly people who sit at the table of life and enjoy the fruits of their labor.

Anyone who can determine their goal, take the steps to make it happen, and follow through with ambition and tenacity is worthy of wearing our brand.

Our clothing designs and colors are driven by ambition and new ideas and not just by what everyone else is doing.

Success comes in many shapes and forms. As for us – we don’t care in what shape or form it comes in, as long as when it comes it’s wearing our logo.

Breakfast Club Culture Brand…clothing for those who rise & grind!

To be honest, tho, I can’t get 100% behind the concept – but that’s only because the idea of ‘waking up first’ to ‘eat first’ seems ludicrous to me. I mean, I can’t speak for all the ninjas here at MNP – but I myself haven’t slept in over 4,000 years. Keep one eye tilted.


We’re gonna have to get something going with a new line of Tees by BC, with some break-dancing ninjas on ’em…

.:Breakfast Club: Clothing for hose Who Rise & Grind->

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Inspiration Information V. 3


This week for my Saturday non-architecture related post I bring you Inspiration Information V. 3, by Mulatu Astatke and The Heliocentrics. Inspiration Information is a series of one-off collaboration projects, previously featuring Amp Fiddler and Sly & Robbie, and Horace Andy and Ashley Beedle. This time The Heliocentrics team up with Mulatu of Ethiopa – and it’s pretty dope. If you love music, you probably want this album.

Strut embark on an exclusive new studio album series this Autumn exploring some mouth-watering one-off collaborations. Entitled Inspiration Information, the series involves bringing contemporary artists and producers together with their musical heroes, artists that have directly inspired their own careers. They then lock the studio doors for five days of intensive writing and recording.

The collaborations involve an open A&R brief with the focus on spontaneity and a true fusion of styles rather than the marketing-led restrictions of a traditional artist album. Each album can take any form that the artists choose, from three-minute song structures to more extended freeform pieces.

The series aims to keep styles and sounds fresh and to represent a snapshot of each artist’s sound at the time of recording. Once each album is mixed, the promotional schedule begins immediately, with most albums released within three months of the sessions.


Now, I bought this album – but I know how times are hard out there for a ninja, so I tracked down this download link through Rapidshare for all my peoples who are broke, or who just don’t know the deal.

[note: MNP did not upload the linked-to file, nor do we advocate that you not pay for music]

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Why are you writing about blogging?

Some of you may have seen a fairly ignorant rant of a post that was mistakenly published by me a couple weeks ago, where I ‘discussed’ my opinion of the increasingly popular trend to write about [and critique rather fiercely] ‘blogging’. The high and low point was, I believe, my likening writing / blogging about blogging to masturbation – a statement that I’m standing by.

I decided not to publish the post, as it was a fairly ridiculous stream-of-thought freak out. Now, I’m ‘only’ a ‘blogger’, but I have the insight to know that what I had written was little more than garbage to make myself feel better [for whatever reason] – and that that isn’t the purpose of this site. But really, the idea that I need to defend my actions [blogging], when you think about it, is absolutely ludicrous. What I do with my free time / internet connection is my own business – just the fact that I was made to think / feel, even if only momentarily, like I had to defend ‘blogs’ is wrong.

So, on to what provoked me to write this post [well, re-write it]. The latest issue of Blueprint Magazine is out, with an article by Tim Abrahams entitled “Nostalgia is No Substitute for Criticism“. The article is trite and isn’t particularly thought provoking – but it’s so short you might as well check out. Point is, he talks a lot of trash – blogging sucks, the internet isn’t the real world, bloggers aren’t architecture critics, nostalgia is bad, blah blah blah blah – but fails, I believe, to make an actual point. Has the man proposed a shift? No – he’s NOSTALGIC for architectural discourse before the internet. His big references are Banham and Venturi – that’s hardly progressive thinking, my ninjas.

Seriously, my people, am I only the only person reading articles and listening to discussions about the role of an online architectural discourse who’s about to lose his mind? Is architecture so behind as a culture that it still fears the internet? With that in mind, I have some questions for the anti-bloggers out there [or even those that ‘question’ the ‘net]. Not because I’m offended, and not because I’m seeking legitimacy – but because I’m bored by the discussion, and would like to see it end. I’d much prefer read things of architectural substance, rather than idea-less critics complaining about the web.

So follow me on this brief journey – and feel free to tell me I’m an idiot in the comments.

~ If blogs suck so much – and ‘professional’ journalists / writers are so superior [as they should be] – then why are these writers worried? Why bother discussing blogs, and making an issue of it? Bloggers obviously don’t care [as in, we’re not attacking authors, etc – I’d say that we care in that we’d prefer not be slandered].

    ~ I fail to see how Editorials / Op-Ed pieces – which many of these critiques are, essentially – are thoroughly different from blogs. They argue a personal view, are oftentimes full of vitriol, and are frequently based more on emotion and conjecture than substance. Maureen Dowd recently attacked Twitter in her column [to which BLDGBLOG responded] – and I think failed to see the irony of her general attack of the ‘net, as her column for the NY Times has essentially become a blog.

      ~ Why would these people want more ‘legitimate’ criticism to be happening online, anyways? Then they would actually be out of a job – whereas the current abundance of ‘eye candy’ based sites leaves a great void for critics and professional journalists to fill. And to suggest that some sites that do discuss theory / criticism more frequently aren’t legitimate because of their choice of content [as Mr. Abrahams has] is to suggest that we shouldn’t be allowed to pursue our personal interests. How should we interpret his comment on Sit Down Man, You’re a Bloody Tragedy? Should that apply across the board? Should we be worried about people who blog about antique cars, taking over and destroying a future of power windows and door-locks?

        ~ Blogs link EVERYWHERE – including new articles in the glossies or a new book’s amazon page. Abrahams suggests a system based on blogs linking only to each other, creating a group of connected bloggers – but this isn’t the case. The reality is that this linking connects all of architecture culture online, which is made up of much more than blogs [Abrahams article, included – I’d be willing to bet the majority of people reading his article are actually online].

          ~ PA Press [a publisher of books, can you believe it?] pays for ad space on a number of blogs – just look to the upper right of this very site. Doesn’t that suggest that blogs encourage a certain amount of book-buying? That would imply that people are reading – arch books are too pricey to buy and use to prop up your table.

            ~ The fact of the matter is that if you read blogs, then you’re exposed to more architecture than those who don’t. No, it isn’t the same as going and visiting a building – but neither is a book or magazine [and I’d guess the average architect doesn’t have much to spend on travel right now]. Can anyone argue that blogs have reduced the amount of designers and architects who have been exposed to readers? Reduced the ideas these designers are trying to express? Or is the average internet-surfing architect now more aware of a wider variety of work?

              ~ A lot of this feels like misplaced anger – much like newspapers lashing out at news blogs. The internet isn’t putting print out of business because readers have changed mediums, or because everyone has stopped buying papers / magazines – ADVERTISERS have had the largest impact, opting to pay cheaper prices online rather than taking out ads in papers and glossies. Capitalism fails us yet again.

                Finally, I say this, to all you naysayers and shit talkers: Man up. In the face of a challenge a true ninja doesn’t back down – he/she rises to the occasion and whoops some ass. If you’re so concerned about the state of things, write something worth reading and discussing – don’t debase yourselves, trashing your supposed ‘competition’ [note: I don’t believe blogs are the ‘competition’, I’m simply sticking with what seems to be the common feeling among aggravated journalists]. If my blog is garbage, and you take the time to write and publish an article calling me on it, what does that make your publication? Sure, that’s a little bit “I’m rubber, you’re glue…”, but I think it’s a legitimate question.

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                Ninja Parade

                Ninja Parade Slips Through Town Unnoticed Once Again

                This obviously has nothing to do with architecture – but it’s hilarious. That, and I think I’m going to start tossing some randomness up on Saturdays – just things that I come across on these here interwebs, but don’t necessarily have anything to do with architecture / design.

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                ‘Yes is More!’: Ninja Arithmetic XLIX


                [Ninja math equation: Star Trek’s USS Enterprise (TOS movie version) X Cyclops of the X-Men = Artwave, by Tadao Ando]

                Well, my ninjas, I’ve had the shogunate weigh-in and vote – and the above submission by KU student Matt has been chosen as the winner of AMNP’s ‘Yes is More!’ Ninja Arithmetic contest! Matt will be receiving a free copy of BIG‘s Yes is More!, an archi-comic chronicling the work of the firm.

                AMNP would like to thank all those who submitted Ninja Arithmetic entries – I wish I had more to give away, as we got some great stuff from readers. Check out two of our runners-up, below.


                [Zeppelin x RPG = Bellemo & Cat’s ‘Cocoon’, submitted by BrADY]


                [submitted by Lukas Hüsser, this entry is a graphic representation of Lukas’ opinion of BIG – that the firm can”put different things together in the most natural way”]

                ::Ninja Arithmetic is an AMNP original feature, started by César Cotta. To submit an idea for some ninja math, email us at ARCHITECTURE[at]MYNINJAPLEASE[dot]COM. For past entries, click on the ‘Ninja Arithmetic’ category under ‘archjutsu’::

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                Time is Running Out…

                Our Yes Is More Giveaway contest is wrapping up on Saturday – so get your Ninja Arithmetic submissions in by then in order to be considered for the free copy of BIG’s arch-comic. All the Ninja Arithmetics that we receive will be featured on AMNP over the next few weeks / months – and the crew here at MNP will choose one to win a free copy of Yes Is More. So don’t sleep.

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