Kurt Vonnegut Jr : Death of a Ninja


Sad literary news today on architecture.mnp, as author and ninja extraordinaire Kurt Vonnegut Jr. died last night in Manhattan at the age of 84. A ninja in true fashion, Vonnegut basically invented a style of writing all his own – blending satire, science-fiction, autobiography, dark comedy, and pure crazy into something unique and indescribable that helped to define postmodern fiction.

Here’s a list of some of his work, as ‘graded’ by Vonnegut in his book Palm Sunday:

* Player Piano: B
* The Sirens of Titan: A
* Mother Night: A
* Cat’s Cradle: A-plus
* God Bless You, Mr. Rosewater: A
* Slaughterhouse-Five: A-plus
* Welcome to the Monkey House: B-minus
* Happy Birthday, Wanda June: D
* Breakfast of Champions: C
* Slapstick: D
* Jailbird: A
* Palm Sunday: C

[personally, I would disagree with the Breakfast of Champions grade, as I loved that book – but, to each his own]



Rest in peace Sir.

More on Vonnegut’s life and writing at Boston.com, and wikipedia

NPR remembers Kurt Vonnegut

His books on Amazon

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