Greenwashing : Is prefab really green?


This is a question that I’ve had for quite some time: is prefab construction inherently ‘green’, or has it simply grown into a trend at the same time as green design? Well, designer Bob Ellenberg contacted Inhabitat with his own concerns about the growing trend of prefab as green construction – and how the prefab companies are jumping on the green bandwagon, making false claims about their ‘greeness’, known as ‘greenwashing‘.

I don’t want to pick on prefab construction, as I do quite a bit of it myself as a design/builder and there are certainly many aspects of it that can be “green.” But some of the claims I see being made relative to overall sustainability of prefab houses are overstated and might even be considered “Green-Washing”. Let’s start with what is perhaps a debatable point–the fact that factories have a high overhead cost of operation compared to on-site building and in all probability a higher carbon footprint along with it compared to on site construction…

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Posted: April 16th, 2007
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