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I give this NYU student credit for trying to help the homeless with a creative construction method using cardboard – but I think she needed to put more thought into it. While I’m sure her liberal professors of Architecture/Industrial Design loved the crap out of this concept, the reality is more bleak. While she did make a good effort to make an impact for the homeless at $35 to assemble the cardboard shelter and battery powered radio, I think I’ve been to Target and seen real tents for around $20.


The project as a whole shows great passion for thoughtful design, but lacks practicality. Also – she is a resident of NYC… rains there…..a lot… snows there……a lot……and its always windy. In the words of my favorite band Pavement “‘A’ for effort but a ‘D’ for delivery”. For more information check out the project at


The most interesting aspect of the project, really, is the radio transmitter [shown above]. The transmitter allows for the shelters/tents to be located via a new kind of infrastructure – giving the homeless a new sense of identity by providing them with a kind of address.


Regardless of the transmitter concept – the folding structure itself remains undercooked. My thought is this: if you’re going to construct a transmitter and structure [the point of the project is for YOU to DIY and send it in to the project, where they will distribute the shelters] – then buy a tent, and assemble the radio. It may cost you an extra 5 or 10 bucks, but you save that in time & effort, and provide a nicer shelter for someone to sleep in.

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Posted: May 14th, 2007
at 1:10pm by Arco

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  1. Is this a little bit ‘Big Brother’ like to anyone else? lets give all the homeless people a crappy tent made from a box – and a tracking device so we know where they are at all times? We might as well clip one of those transmitters you see on animal planet to their ears…


    14 May 07 at 2:23 pm


  2. Unfurling one of those cardboard structures is a lot easier than setting up a $20 tent… I appreciate its simplicity in design. The “having an address” aspect is definitely an excellent idea.


    26 Sep 07 at 3:49 pm



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