Hybrid Solar Lighting


Lighting is a HUGE drain on power all over the world – with people leaving their home lights on at all times, retail spots actually needing lighting for such large portions of the day, and many buildings just never having their lights turned out [because of how long it takes them to heat up or something? seems like a stupid reason to me…].

So what’s the solution? Turn off the lights when you leave a room, set timers, use energy efficient lamps, etc etc etc…all great suggestions. A better solution tho, for those buildings that need lighting during the daylight hours, is to actually harness the light of the sun – and redirect it into your interiors.

We bring you “Hybrid Solar Lighting‘, from Oak Ridge National Laboratory’s ‘Solar Technologies Program’ – fiber optics that are connected to a ‘solar collector’ [which tracks the sun’s position throughout the day], which filters the visible light into a fiber optic receiver. These fiber optics are then fed throughout the building, and the natural sunlight is blended with the standard florescent interior lighting – creating a more natural lighting condition within the building. This is not only saving some users up to 60% on their electrical bills, but is also increasing sales in some retail spaces [40% more?], and helping to address issues such as S.A.D. [seasonal effective disorder].


I know the image above is fuzzy – but follow it’s link, or this one, to view a pretty interesting video on this new solar technology.

::thanks to Austin and our archininjas over at SOSH for the link::

ed. note: welcome to my first post on my new macbook! my previous myninjapleasin’ machine, a toshiba satellite, suffered a terrible death on tuesday while I was at work [full glass of water on the keyboard = you need a new laptop, apparently].

Posted: May 24th, 2007
at 12:45pm by orangemenace

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  1. Dear Sir.

    We are interested in install the captioned systems in buildings in Argentina.
    Actually we are interested in install your system in about 5 buildings with a total installed power of about 500 KW. We calculate that the half of the total power is used by lighting systems.
    Is you system able to supply the necessary energy ?
    Could you please quote the complete system ?
    We can pay using a first line bank L/C.

    Best regards.

    Ing. Guillermo Cuenca
    HYSES S. R. L.


    19 Nov 08 at 8:20 am



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