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I [along with a handful of my fellow archi/design ninjas] received an email from Diane Pham of Resolution : 4 Architecture yesterday informing us of YouTube videos of the RES4 Dwell Home project -some construction footage, a fly-through, and some film of the open house. Whether you were already familiar with the project or not, they’re worth checking out.



Now to be honest, I was familiar with this Dwell Home by Resolution : 4 Architecture [which has been pretty thoroughly documented at this point], but not with any of their other works – but no longer! After spending some time on their site [which is great, by the way – very user friendly for flash] I’ve become slightly enamored with their work – their modular designs? My ninjas, please – too siiick. So check back later this week for more from Resolution : 4 Architecture, this week’s architecte de la semaine.


ed. note: we’re working on this whole embedding YouTube videos thing, my ninjas. something about wordpress, and our theme, or something. anyways, be patient – we’ll figure it out. so just click the links, i’m confident that you’ll come back at some point.

Posted: June 5th, 2007
at 7:30am by orangemenace

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