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Tetri haus [Haus Pezzei], is this [kinda ill] multi-unit residential project designed by Plasmastudio, and currently under construction in San Candido, Italy.

Tetris House is derived from turning very pragmatic parameters into a spatially engaging concept: multiple programmatic demands (five self-contained units, parking space and other covered exterior areas) have initiated two volumes. L-shaped in plan and section they are spatially interwoven as to produce a range of dynamic in-between spaces.


the two volumes are splitting apart, held together by the entry. as they ‘interweave’ spatially they cantilever out 5 meters to create balconies for the units and covered parking for the residents



check out more of plasmastudio , the Esker Haus in particular, winners of the BD/Corus ‘Young Architect of the Year Award’, and the UK Galvanizing Award

Posted: November 30th, 2006
at 11:16pm by orangemenace

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