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Yes, my ninjas, you read that [ahem] shit right – Andrew Maynard Architects has designed a proposal for what they have named the ‘Poop House – An Ama Fairy Tale‘. MaynardAussie architect extraordinaire [for more design from down under, check out Wallpaper* Magazine’s 101 directory] – proposes that inflatable water structures be constructed, the walls of which will be slowly filled with household [including human] waste over time, creating a solid structure.


The proposed structure would be made of polypropylene forms, which could be manufactured in various shapes and sizes – and assembled to form any number of volumes imagined by the inhabitant. A house [or structure for whatever other purpose] could then be easily transported to the desired site, and the interior, transparent, layer of the polypropylene skin could be inflated/filled with water to create the initial form [images above and below]. The waste management system would also be set up, which would [basically] store all household waste – poop included – in a second, opaque, layer of the polypropylene skin, eventually creating solid walls.



It seems as if Maynard even proposes a greywater management system, which would treat the blackwater from the household’s sewage, using it for watering plants on the property, etc, while returning the rest of the waste water to the polypropylene walls.


My ninjas, PLEASE!!

::all info and images from Andrew Maynard Architects::

::download the project’s PDF::

Posted: July 17th, 2007
at 7:00am by orangemenace

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  1. He’s been one of my favorite designers for a long time, I especially enjoy his simplistic renderings.


    17 Jul 07 at 8:00 am


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  3. Not to be a buzzkill, but this is a complete RIP OFF of the “organicist” (he probably wouldn’t accept that title) William Katavolos, hes’ the real deal, water/hydrolic structures waste disposal in walls, self cleansing structures, he even worked with Einstein, the gov’t…he has touched on all of this in his work/lifetime I believe he still teachs in BKNY at Pratt….if this Aussie architect is taking credit for these conceptual ideas as his/her own it is really ashame!
    -Keep up the good work, love the website Architecture with a big “A” and hip-hop, why not!


    19 Jul 07 at 11:13 am


  4. What happens if someone sticks a pin in the walls…


    23 Jul 07 at 9:41 pm


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  6. It is an interesting concept, however, just curious as to how durable the outer wall of waste would be. having lived in the bush for a fair portion of my life I’ve seen the damage a tree can do to a house when it drops on it. So I have to wonder just how plausable an idea this is considering as Andrew Maynard Architects have estimated it takes approximately 20 years to develop the outer structure, what happens when this is destroyed………..


    1 Aug 08 at 9:30 pm



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