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Well, my ninjas, the designers [David Soderstrom Architects – who have no webpage – enter the millennium, my ninja] pulled no punches when working on the new Portland City Storage building. First off, yes – I said storage building, as in a place for you to rent space and store all that crap you have no room for but won’t throw/give away. Surprisingly enough, not only did the designers give the building an interesting aesthetic quality, but they’re also making it super sustainable [or trying to, anyways]. Striving for LEED Platinum status, the building will have over 100,000 square feet of photovoltaic panels on its roof and south side [it is in Portland tho, so I wonder how much that matters] – making it the largest solar farm in the North West. MyNinjaPlease!


Sustainable/green features include:

-view corridor between the towers, to preserve existing views of the surrounding area

-connection to bike and walking trails, with riverfront access

-removal of an existing concrete sea wall and restoration of a 75′ greenway habitat along the riverbank

-those solar panels, 100,000 SF, along the roof and south side – surplus power will be sold to the local utility

-‘eco-roofs’ for stormwater management

-storage for 100 bikes

-and a community center, because social sustainability is important too, my ninjas!

::images & info via Portland City Storage – project found at www.metaefficient.com::

Posted: August 14th, 2007
at 6:01am by orangemenace

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