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Welcome to another edition of Green Tuesdays here at architecture.MNP! This week we’ve got a video [in two parts] featuring the Linked Hybrid project by Steven Holl Architects. A few of the project’s notable green features include:

-green roofs

-bicycle storage [although, its in Beijing – so that was a given]

-600 geothermal wells to heat & cool the building

-a recycled gray-water pond

-green-space made up of 5 distinct ‘mounds’ created using soil displaced by the underground parking provided for the project – the 5 mounds are meant to speak to historical Chinese culture, and represent the Zen view of the cycle of life : a mound for childhood, adolescence, middle age, old age, and a mound of eternity – each with programmatic elements linking to the others

…and its simply pretty siiick. I just hope it isn’t another sponge building in the making.


Posted: August 14th, 2007
at 6:00am by orangemenace

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