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Ed. Note : Welcome to another installment of our feature ‘Green Tuesday’ here at architecture.MNP This week we welcome back our ninja Austin, coming at you from Jersey with this really siiick post on a machine that dispenses bikes for temporary use. Say it with me now – My Ninja, Please! Enjoy.

I come to you after a long break of not posting to bring to you The Bike Dispenser (cue music).

Leave it to the Dutch (crazy a$$ ninjas) to come up with something so clever, so green, so cool. Basically its like a giant ‘Pez’ dispenser, dishing out bikes on one end and refilling on the other. Apparently it works like this (I don’t speak Dutch); you pay a small fee (around € 2.75 ($3.71) per 20 hours) or, in some cities which have free bike programs its free, you get a bike to use at your leisure. Stroll around as much as you want, return it when you wish to any of the neighborhood Bike Dispensers. Don’t feel like returning it, well you can leave it as is, the bikes are tagged with RFID’s; Bike Dispenser owners/operators can then find the free range bikes about the city and return them to their pens.


Its really ashame that America’s infrastructure in the major metropolitan areas cannot support such fantasies. The car is king and we all must succumb. C’est la vie! Only we as architects can do our part to promote better, healthier means of transportation whenever we have the opportunity.


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Posted: August 21st, 2007
at 6:00am by Arco

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