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Basically…this shit is crazy. I don’t know what the deal is with this ninja Albo exactly, but his ‘ArtJail Philadelphia‘ project [a museum, youth center, and prison all in one!] was emailed to us over here at architecture.MNP – and the video was killin me.

No stranger to controversy, since it’s founding in the Philadelphia suburbs in 1922 the Barnes Foundation has been embroiled in one sort of conflict or another for most of it’s history, often thanks to the eccentricities of founder Albert C. Barnes. The unusual plan unveiled this week for a new Barnes building, which brings giant televisions, slot machines, and elaborately costumed employees to Philadelphia’s Museum Row will do little to still those troubled waters. One of the proposal’s many radical elements is it’s inclusion of Philadelphia’s juvenile detention hall The Youth Study Center within the same structure as the Barnes Foundation’s multi-billion dollar art collection; earlier plans had called for a relocation of the Youth Study Center to West Philadelphia [text from email, sent by].

My Ninjas, Please!

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Posted: September 6th, 2007
at 5:28am by orangemenace

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  1. The Barnes Foundation “As Is, Where Is” in Merion Station represents, in its unities of Art, Architecture, Nature and Arboretum, the living lesson plan of Philosopher, John Dewey, the Father of Modern Higher Eduation in America & The First President of the American Society of College Professors. The lesson of The Barnes starts in the specially designed garden and the epistemological reduction instilled by the garden becomes the Paradigm for The Barnes Foundation Art education as the lesson moves indoors into the art galleries. In a time when CNBC is celebrating the “Irish Mind”, Philadelphians are dismantling one of the greatest creations of the Irish American Mind.

    No one would support moving Monticello to improve Richmond’s Tourist Traffic, why are we so flippantly allowing Philly Philistines to separate The Barnes Art from The Barnes Foundation in Merion.

    This is the greatest state sponsored misappropriation of cultural property since the Holocaust and is being paid for by 107+ million in PA Tax Dollars. Dr. Barnes specifically designed the setting and intended his 170+ Renoirs, 46 Picasso, 56 Cezannes &c. to stay in Merion. Moving the collection is an insult to the National Pride and to our National History. The Pew “Public” Trust/Monopoly and the Lenfest and Annenberg foundations and Ed Rendell should not be allowed to carry out this Hermann Goering-like political strong arm art snatch to build another Philly Museum that no one attends. Keep The Barnes in Merion.


    30 Sep 08 at 10:28 pm



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