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First and foremost – linear houses are great, and I wish I had one. That fact, combined with both the simplicity of the volume [its a box] and that scale-like siding has me drooling over Tham & VidegÃ¥rd Hansson Arkitekter’s [of Sweden] House K [located in Stocksund, North of Stockholm].

The 285 square meter house was completed in November of 2004 – with a structure constructed of site cast concrete, finished in white plaster and white ash [interior wood details, seen below].


While it may not look it from the boxy form of the house, the design is very much based on the site + surroundings. Placed with its long side across the property, the house breaks up the front yard from the garden in the rear [south-west] – which both encloses in the garden/back yard, and allows for the interior spaces to have the privacy needed for its large south facing openings. This positioning on the site also causes visitors to experience it almost entirely frontally when approaching, so that the house ‘appears as if just a line, a wall with a certain depth to fit in space for living’.


The shallow block provides spaces that can introduce light from several directions. This is enhanced by the two double-heights that also guide views diagonally through the interior. The plan is simple: entrance and stairs fits into one box on ground level, a central passage on the upper floor gives access to bedrooms. The interior is one continuous space in two levels. As a result, movement through the house is characterized by visual shortcuts, spaces and activities overlap.


All that great site work and interior space planning aside, lets get to what’s the most eye catching about the house : the stained black 18mm plywood panels [I would assume marine grade], mounted on a framework of slow-grown pine, that makes up the house’s siding. The panels vary in width, seemingly based both on the window opening and designer’s preference, which adds some more visual interest to the simple volume of the house, and the simplicity of the ‘scales’ [I’m sticking with scales to describe it].

As you can see below, the interior really is simply white plaster and white ash – used in the flooring, stairs and wainscoting.


Funny side note – when I search Stocksund [location of house] on Wikipedia, I learned that thats where ABBA recorded the album ABBA. And now you know.

::Tham & VidegÃ¥rd Hansson Arkitekter – photos by Ã…ke E:son Lindman::

::info + quotes via Arkinetia::

Posted: September 14th, 2007
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  1. So, I’ve been seeing this around and can’t decide if I like it or not. I had not however seen that first shot — I do like that view. I think I like it more after seeing it here; I’m not sure other blogs have covered it so well. I think I’m drawn to it but something seems off. The color is beautiful though. Also, not sure where I’ll use that ABBA tip — but I guess a little ABBA knowledge never hurts. Nice post and facts.


    19 Sep 07 at 4:52 am


  2. beautiful work. thanks for the link to these guys.


    19 Sep 07 at 1:59 pm



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