over,under on Boston City Hall


over,under is one of the 6 firms that participated in the BSA‘s RE-Imagining City Hall – and also runs the PinkComma gallery, which is currently hosting an exhibit showcasing the 6 different proposals.

[I went to the gallery last Sunday to check out the exhibit, and it was pretty siiick – definitely worth dropping by if you have the opportunity – it runs through October 19th. And expect an update when their new exhibit debuts, as we’ll be at the opening holding it down for MNP]

The overall goal of most of the proposals, including this one, seems to have been to utelize the open space [city hall plaza] more effective – forming more interesting and integrated connections with the surrounding area, in particular with Faneuil Hall and Quincy Market. More specifically, over,under describes it’s submission as proposing ‘a series of tactical modifications to the building’s lowest and most public level: clarifying way-finding; improving views, light, and sustainability; occupying abandoned spaces; and increasing the building’s openness.’


The design creates canopy structures to make the physical connections to Quincy Market and Congress Street, suggesting that a connection to the market’s retail spaces could be made, perhaps by creating restaurants and/or gallery spaces Additionally, the proposal ‘suggests enclosing the abandoned interior courtyard, for reasons involving the building’s sustainability. ‘Passive heating and cooling would decrease energy consumption. Solar devices could reflect light into the atrium and adjacent offices when desirable. This enclosure above also permits to remove the unused courtyard floor, exposing the concrete trusses of the public-services concourse below’ – naturally lighting a now dark hall below – all of which is great, because ALL public buildings should be green, no excuses.

Posted: September 21st, 2007
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