Gillette’s dreams for our future…


Apparently, Gillette‘s [yes, THAT ‘A Best A Man Can Get’ Gillette] visions of the future weren’t simply clean-shaven faces. He had a pretty large scale plan for the design and layout of ‘Metropolis‘ [no, not THAT Metropolis], a city near Niagara Falls. Meant to house something like 60 million people in 24,000 apartment buildings, the city looks pretty Corbusian to me…

In Metropolis, as the city was named, the apartment buildings were arranged in a regular pattern and served as the central hubs or cogs around which life there revolved. Short, neatly landscaped walkways connected the buildings together and led to wider and longer avenues that crisscrossed through the city. Schools, recreation and amusement centers, flower conservatories, parks as ample as they were well-planted, and buildings for food production and storage clustered around every apartment building, each of which accommodated about 2,500 people in comfort and high style.

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Posted: December 6th, 2006
at 9:05am by orangemenace

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