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For those of you in the Boston area, head on over to the GSD at Harvard to check out Behnisch Architekten + Transsolar Climate Engineering in a collaborative installation/exhibit entitled ‘Ecology.Design.Synergy‘. The installation was constructed as a number of pavilions, which created elevated platforms upon which visitors could view the projects being exhibited – with both partition walls with large poster-sized images, and light-boxes with more information, images, and some videos. I snapped a few pictures with my phone [next time I’ll bring a real camera] that you can see below. But its best viewed in person!


The exhibition, entitled Ecology.Design.Synergy, attempts to address the widespread and misleading quantitative interpretation of the term “sustainability” by highlighting the manifold aspects of sustainability that constitute important qualities in themselves. The selected projects are presented in a manner that illustrates the working methods, the results of previous collaborations, and perspectives for the future.

It is not intended to present models for a sustainable architecture. Instead, by drawing on the five human senses, the exhibition attempts to provoke a re-definition of the term “sustainability” by focusing on the complex series of relationships between human beings and their immediate environment. [from the GSD]


Part of the GSD’s fall lecture series, Matthias Schuler of TransSolar Climate Engineering and Stefan Behnisch of Behnisch Architekten spoke about their views on design, construction, and sustainability – and on their newest completed collaboration : the Bad Aibling Spa Baths – new thermal spa baths, associated wellness areas and outdoor swimming pools for the oldest ‘moor‘ spa in Bavaria. The new baths ‘are to provide an attractive, health-orientated focus for both the local community and the region, very much in the tradition of the town’.


Unfortunately, I couldn’t find photos of the completed project [its just recently finished, although I’m not sure the spa is ‘open’ yet] – but they did show us some during the lecture, and it looked pretty cool. The basic idea revolves around these dome-shaped areas [covering pools, etc] that are interconnected by a roof plane around/within which they are situated.

On top of being kind of interesting visually, the building is obviously deemed ‘green’ for a number of reasons, including material use and natural ventilation [I believe] among other things – nothing less than you’d expect from a Behnisch + TransSolar colab.


I’ll throw some images up of the final spa when/if I can find them.

::images of spa and info from Behnisch Architekten homepage + the lecture::

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