Felix Jerusalem : Stroh Haus


The Stroh Haus, built in Switzerland, was designed by architect Felix Jerusalem using compressed straw bale [seen below]. The house is a modern, prefab, take on straw bale construction – using a prefabricated compressed straw bale kit of parts to assemble the house in wall-sized pieces [seen below] on site.


The exterior is clad with a translucent composite sheeting material that protects the straw bale prefab units from the elements – I wonder if they light in in a cool way at night? Seeing this thing as a glowing green box would be pretty siiick…





::found via the wonder of Stumbleupon – also covered by architechnophilia and JG::

::for more on straw bale houses and their design/construction, head on over to green.MNP where our environmental ninja Jessie writes about the home her father is building – using software that he designed specifically for the project::

Posted: October 23rd, 2007
at 1:56pm by orangemenace

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