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So for the first time ever on architecture.MNP an architecte de la semaine is spilling over to a second week. Oddly enough, we’ve really only featured one project by LTL Architects [hence the feature carrying over]. So enjoy a few more projects by Lewis.Tsurumaki.Lewis – and check in with us on Thursday for a review of their new book.

Here we have Building 82% [or, the West Avenue Lofts] a feasibility study that LTL took through SD‘s [presumably for some developer] for a mixed-use development in Miami Beach. The project gets its name from the local zoning requirements, which states that no more than 82% of the available volume on the site could be built, per the site’s FAR requirements. This project serves as a good example of the firm’s playful + accepting approach to design, utilizing the ‘limiting’ conditions found in a project to their advantage – designing ‘opportunistically‘.


First a plinth is created to contain retail + parking [remind you of anything?], and provide a streetscape appropriately scaled to the area. This plinth is then used as a new landscape, upon which live/work units are created that are both raised off the street, yet connected to the groundplane through a number of public staircases and open public terraces created around the perimeter of the plinth level.


As shown in the plan below,the open spaces created on the perimeter also serve to separate/delineate the individual interior areas. The vertical courts [seen in the axon above and the plans below] separate the individual units from one another [both on the interior + exterior] and distinguish between live + work spaces within each unit – effectively slicing up the block to form each separate programmatic element.

As you can see in the axon below, these vertical slices through the block even serve to bring natural light deeper into the building, and down into the parking areas below. Interesting, elegant, efficient. Sick.

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  1. This project looks quintessential Miami in a contemporary way. I really hope it gets built.


    16 Nov 07 at 3:27 pm


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