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welcome to the first installment of arch.MNP’s newest feature : architect of the week. we’ll be showcasing the work of a different architect/firm each week, with a general overview/bio on mondays, followed by daily posts on selected projects [in addition to our regular content]. might be one project a day, might be more depending on the firm and the work…we’ll see ninjas.


our first featured ninjas? 3XN, a Danish firm founded by Kim Herforth Nielsen. here’s his description of the firm:

3XN values curiosity, originality and poetry and has a multi-layered approach.

We work with user-centered methods fitting each project uniquely to the users and our client – with a strong emphasis on designing for human beings.

We build on a Scandinavian tradition of functionality, clarity and beauty.

Each project is a research endeavor that adds to our experience and approach. Each new project rests on the shoulders of many others, yet challenges everything done before.

Our thorough knowledge of materials, engineering and user needs combined with our organizational strengths in economy, project management and implementation set us free to explore new frontiers and to challenge existing frameworks.

We work in the confident knowledge that we can make playful and poetic architecture jump from the drawing board and come alive.

3XN translates poetry into reality and aim for our architecture to become the heritage of tomorrow.

the firm has gained international recognition [in part due to winning a number of competitions], and its current projects include a new British museum in Liverpool and a new arts & media center for the university of Salford [more on those, and other projects, later this week…you’re just going to have to come back]. But to start things off, here’s the first featured project by 3XN…

the Nordhavnen Residences in Copenhagen [which was awarded this years MIPIM – with the MIPIM AR Future Projects Award 2006 in the category ‘Residential’]


Copenhagen is [apparently] experiencing rapid urban development/growth, therefore creating a need for new housing in surrounding areas. The city is now using this rise in the demand for housing as a means to investigate new and innovative solutions to urban living. Enter the Nordhavnen Residences.


4 organic shaped apartment towers are situated in a free, playful and humanistic urban landscape. The towers consist of elliptical floor plans creating elliptical balconies which shift position moving upwards. The result is playful in its appearance, with several pragmatic advantages too. The balcony extension to the rational building core is relatively simple and economical affordable, but has high impact on the design. The roundly shaped towers give way for a better view from each apartment, and reduce wind turbulence. Energy consumption is also minimized through the perfect balance between internal area and perimeter. The shifting of the balconies ensures a more direct experience of the sky above.


pretty crazy. might remind some of you MNP faithful ninjas of the Urban Cactus building featured a few weeks back, designed by UCX Architects.

want more of 3XN? check back tomorrow, and all week, for additional projects and information from the firm…

Posted: December 11th, 2006
at 11:11am by orangemenace

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