Kazakhstan Even More Glorius Nation Now

Well count myninjaplease architecture and the whole fam with Gizmondo: we’re moving to the ever so glorius nation of Kazakhstan.

Apparently the ninjas over there are planning to build a tent over the capitol city. Yes, a tent. A large tent. A very large tent. In fact, this tent will cover the whole city and keep it warm in the winter. What? My ninja, please!

Adam Frucci from Gizmondo says:

This isn’t just a pipe dream, either; UK architect Norman Foster plans to have the project completed in about a year. This is officially the coolest architectural project ever. All of the sudden Kazakhstan just jumped up from about #7,834 of places I want to visit to somewhere in the top 3.

While Adam admonishes against any mention of Borat in his comment thread, not only do we welcome it but we will also say this: “large tent remind me of my seester virgin, she make family very proud.”


Project here, visit the Gizmondo link here.

Posted: December 11th, 2006
at 4:32pm by AMNP

Categories: architecture,my ninja, please,urban/master planning

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  1. Good lord doesn’t anyone actually read the articles they link to. It says it is a 200m oval at the base. I hardly think the “capitol city” is 200m in size.


    1 Aug 08 at 9:58 pm



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