b4Architects: Europan 9, Kotka


[Image: Proposed harbor plan]

Winners of an international call-for-entries for harbor-front redevelopment in Kotka, Finland, b4Architects [along with Matteo Rossetti and our ninja Luigi Valente] create a new urban interface between land and sea with their proposal for the Europan 9 competition.


[Image: Rendering of proposed harbor residences]

Kotka is a harbor town born from the local wood + paper industries – which brought business and shipping traffic to the harbor while causing a disconnect between the residents and the waterfront, much like other port-cities around the world. Now that these industries have different shipping/harbo-front needs, the city is left with a large expanse of empty waterfront to reshape – envisioning a realization of a ‘contemporary idea of living’.

The proposed plan seems to pick up a number of existing roads, while emphasizing one as a type of urban spine leading to the water – off of which a grid is formed to contain the proposed inland housing. MNP’s interest, however, lies in these floating homes which are being proposed – which look pretty siiick.


[Image: Axon of proposed ‘floating’ harbor residences]

Connected through a number of ‘pedestrian + mooring wharfs’, the homes appear to be elegant wooden structures [3 types: terrcae, one level and two level] that most definitely do the local wood industry justice. Their location [ON the water] is interesting/provocative while being culturally + locally relevant, speaking to Kotka’s history as a harbor city.


[Image: Sections + plans of proposed harbor residences]

The entire project is concentrated on this dialectic concept’s reality of the limit between land and water: the coast line is a contemporary start and end point of the city’s territory.

It is the place where the limit of the vastness of Nature and the sense of the anthropology’s made up order imposes itself. This city’s part marks a mediation between the nature’s infinity and the that basic human will of building ‘inside’ spaces [translated description of the project from Luigi, via his site].


[Image: Rendering of additional proposed inland housing]

For more images – and plans + sections for the other parts of the project – head on over to Luigi’s site.


[Image: Rendering of proposed public harbor-front space]

Luigi Valente on architecture.MNP:

Indre Sogn Art Centre, LÆRDAL

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