Eye Candy: Mickey D’s


[Image: Bulanda Mucha Architkci, McDonald’s in Czestochowa]

This week’s Eye Candy is a follow-up to a post from last week – ‘World’s Nicest KFC?‘. Some comments were left about McDonald’s, 9th Dan of fast food food chains, and then we received an email from our ninja Eric over at Eye Candy with some images and links showing off a number of fancy Mickey D’s designs. In order to avoid my ranting, I’ve decided NOT to comment at length on McDonald’s impact on the built environment. Really, you’d just think that something based on simplicity, coast effectiveness and mas production would come up with some kind of kick-ass streamlined prefab [not shitty 1970’s looking brick]. Plus, those giant yellow arches should lead to some serious craziness [and these 1950’s era throwback diners aren’t what I’m talking about]. My ninjas, PLEASE.

Enjoy the absurdity.


[Image: Njiric&Njiric McDonald’s]


[Image: SITE’s Floating McDonald’s, now ‘fixed’ so it has a base and no longer ‘hovers’]


[Image: SITE‘s Floating McDonald’s, detail]

I especially like SITE‘s McDonald’s, because they didn’t bother redesigning the restaurant – they just cut off its base, as if laughing at the ridiculousness of the building.

Ba-da da da daaa…I’m lovin’ it.


[Image: Heikkinen-Komonen McDonald’s Office Building, Helsinki, Finland]

Fascinated? [I know you are] Check out these links too:

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[Image: Helmut Jahn‘s Future McDonald’s in Chicago]

::Special thanks to our ninja Eric over at Eye Candy for emailing us with all these images + links, after our KFC post::

::Eye Candy is a weekly post on exactly what it sounds like – something cool to look at, whether because the project is ill or simply because it warrants a ‘my ninjas, please‘. Find it here on architecture.MNP every Wednesday along with the Ninja Arithmetic feature – because hump-day is a bitch for ninjas, too::

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