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[Image: The Internet’s “Black Holes”, from Reporters Without Borders]

These internets are a dangerous place. You drop your guard for a second, next thing you know you’re on Wikipedia reading about box jellyfish wondering “how the hell did I get here? and when did it get to be 2 A.M.?” [oh, and probably thinking that getting stung by an Irukandji sounds like just about the worst thing ever]. Well, my ninjas, there’s no need to fear – this is exactly why there’s MyNinjaPlease to help guide you on your journey through the world wide web. So sit back, relax, and enjoy a few hand picked links courtesy of Ninjas on the ‘net here at AMNP.

[Note: AMNP and MNP as a whole take no responsibility for you getting trapped on/in any of these other sites, any of which could snatch an hour or two from you before you knew it]

Apartment Therapy NYC features this incredible home: Industrial Work / Live Space by Brian Bell and David Yocum [so siiick, in fact, that you might be seeing it here in a week or so].

Ballardian has an article on J.G. Ballard & Architectures of Control, and and an interview with photographer Troy Paiva.

anArchitecture brings us a Swiss cross made with shipping containers.

– Don’t miss Archidose’s most recent Weekly Dose – featuring the rehabilitation of seven houses in Cádiz, Spain by MGM Arquitectos.

Studio Wikitecture’s entry in the Open Architecture Network Challenge was awarded the ‘Founder’s Award’ as well as ‘3rd Place’ for their design of the Nyaya Tele-Medicine facility in Western Nepal. Congrats guys.

Eikongraphia hits us with some info on OMA’s Coolsingel Cube – a proposal for what looks like a fairly large mixed use project in Rotterdam.

A woman marries the Eiffel Tower? How the hell did I miss that…

– Incredibly siiick [and haunting] photos by Alexey Titarenko, for a project called “City of Shadows“, over at BLDGBLOG.

Controversy at the Acropolis, brought to us by the Guardian‘s art&architecture blog.

Chinese portable toilets blowing up [via Where]?

Where discusses Chicago as the creative capital of the universe.

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