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Preston, green ninja master over at Jetson Green, writes:

I love the possibilities and ideas presented by the m-hotel from Tim Pyne. That said, I can’t say there’s anything green about the concept (that is soon to be a reality) other than two things, possibly: (1) it’s a non-permanent structure (7-10 years) where the parts can be reused differently in the future and dismantled to make way for a different use on the site, and/or (2) it’s a prefab structure and prefab has the potential for green benefits such as material savings, lower construction waste, and minimized site disturbance, etc. But still, it’s cool and innovative. The m-hotel is designed as a series of steel-framed slot boxes that slide into the frame (which makes for easy dismantling in the future).

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Posted: March 4th, 2008
at 5:30am by orangemenace

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