build a house with nothing but that IKEA allen wrench! well, maybe it won’t be all that easy, but IKEA really has unveiled plans to construct prefab/flat-pack homes in the UK [image above…look familiar?] to be marketed to UK residents making between 12,500 and 30,000 a year [pounds, not dollars].


Selling for something around 100,000 for a flat and 150,000 for a three bedroom, IKEA hopes to be producing 500 of these prefabs a year by 2009. My ninjas please! The units, called BoKloks [pronounced Bo-Klooks, aparently Swedish for ‘Live Smart’] will be produced by a company called Live Smart, and should be popping up around the northern UK soon.

Mr Prole [Managing Director of Live Smart, the company distributing the houses in Britain] said that the units were intended to help those who could not afford normal housing in the UK, and that they could be part owned if the buyer did not have enough money to buy a unit outright.

He said: ‘We’re excluding investors from buying them. They are for first time buyers struggling to get onto the housing ladder, the elderly, the recently divorced, and people who were previously on a higher income and are now struggling.

‘When people move in, if they buy anything from IKEA, we’ll help them to put it together. We’ll be here to help them move in and get settled.

‘There’s no other costs on top of the cost of the units. People can rent a bit and buy a bit of a unit of they can’t get full ownership.’

‘The units are made of timber with full insulation and ducts already in place. We think they look great. They’re modern and contemporary, with big balconies where six people could have dinner, and timber floors.’ [link]


I have to say, this could be a pretty good thing. IKEA isn’t that bad, and affordable housing is obviously an important thing that needs to be further developed…let’s hope for the best, ninjas.

link to Building magazine [you need to subscribe…but its free for a week, and the site is alright…]

and here’s a link to a video of one of the proposals

[I’m not sure where I even found this originally, but I know that its at Treehugger, and some others]
[Ed note: I refuse to link to IKEA. not because I have any kind of problem with them, but because why should we promote them here? Those ninjas are already rich…]

Posted: December 14th, 2006
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