Parti Wall, Hanging Green


[Image: Overview rendering of 90 Wareham Street with the proposed green wall. Image courtesy of HYA for YAB Group]

In January of 2008 ten architecture firms in the Bean formed the Young Architects Boston GroupGround, H̦weler + Yoon Architecture, LinOldhamOffice, Merge Architects, MOS, over,under, SsD, Studio Luz, UNI, and Utile. A non-hierarchical group, YAB gives these firms the opportunity to come together to develop projects that they might not otherwise undertake Рlike their Parti Wall, Hanging Green installation.

The project – a prototype green wall installation for the 2008 AIA convention that will be in Boston in May – aims to transform a blank brick wall into ‘a lush green environment’, both bringing attention to underutilized sites in Boston and providing a green solution to improve public space in the city.

“The wall will be both a changing urban artwork and a public demonstration of the possibilities for greening a city like Boston,” stated Anthony Piermarini, a principal of Studio Luz. “Our urban center has hundreds of exposed brick party walls that face onto lifeless parking lots. We think of this project as a chance to transform those parking lots into hanging gardens.”

The installation will be suspended via a metal cable system from The 1850, a newly converted loft building at 90 Wareham Street in Boston’s South End. The supported planted panels will vary in dimension, and allow the team to tests different systems and plant types for permanent installations in the future.


[Image: Detail rendering of the suspended green panels. Image courtesy of HYA for YAB Group]

::Thanks to our ninja Chris from pinkcommagallery for contactin AMNP about this YAB project::

Posted: April 24th, 2008
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