Young Architects 9: Proof


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“Proof calls for creativity at a conceptual level, but also demands innovation in the ways we activate and employ our concepts”.

Assembled as a mini-monograph of collected works from the 6 emerging architecture practices, the Architectural League of New York‘s Young Architects 9: Proof is an insightful look at some of the [US] architecture scene’s newest movers & shakers (and 2 of them are from the Bean – act like you know!). The 6 featured firms – Aranda/Lasch, Jinhee Park, ludens, PARA, PRODUCTORA, and Uni Architecture – were the winners of the 2008 Young Architects competition held by the Architectural League of New York.

Each year the winners are selected from submitted portfolios that have been tailored to that year’s theme. For the 2008 competition the Architectural League chose ‘proof’ – looking for designers to show how their architecture evolved as a process.

Competition entrants were asked to use the theme “proof” to frame their portfolios and critically evaluate their work. This required creating projects that acknowledge architectural design as a unique process that begins with a speculation and gains traction through the subsequent testing, confirming, checking, and rechecking that occurs before and after designs encounter the real world [via PAPress].

The concept behind this year’s theme is further explained in the book’s foreword + introduction, which are followed by brief biographies of each winner. The bulk of the book is then devoted to showcasing the work submitted by each of the winners – with plenty of drawings + photos along with substantial explanation of each individual project.

Rather than detailing the different firms and their projects here, we’ll be doing a series of follow-up posts on a few selected winners in the coming 2 weeks – stretching the review of this great little book.


[Image: pages 168+169 – UNI‘s XS (X-Small), AKA “What the Hell is This?”]

Much like the previous installments in the Young Architects series, Proof is a great collection of projects by up-and-coming young firms – giving both a current look at each of the 6 firms/designers themselves, and a glimpse into their [hopefully] bright, productive + interesting futures. It’s small size also makes it great to throw in your bag and read while going to/from work, etc. Definitely AMNP recommended.

The Architecture League of New York’s Young Architects 9: Proof, edited by Linda Lee, can be purchased here from the AMNP store.

::Special AMNP thanks to Russell and the people at Princeton Architectural Press for generously supplying a review copy of this book::

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