Third Ward, TX [part 1]

Third Ward, TX is a 57-minute-long documentary on a community planning initiative in Houston, Texas’ third ward as depicted by filmmaker Andrew Garrison. As quoted from the website:

Project Row Houses is the unexpected home of cutting-edge art and visionary thinking about inner-city renewal…When deep-pocket developers arrive, art, life, and real estate collide and Project Row Houses must offer new thinking about livable communities.

So this is part one of a two part post [I apologize for the lack of ‘post’ in this one]…I already ordered the video and will repost my thoughts, feelings and the like once I have gotten a few views under my belt. In the mean time:


What I have gathered thus far [and what immediately sparked my own interest], is that there is a poverty stricken community – full of dilapidated houses, the whole nine. An artist [Rick Lowe] helps to inspire residents of the community to come together by creating paintings on the boarded up facades of these afore mentioned rundown homes. As a result, a greater sense of community and activism is, well, activated – ‘turning nothing into something.’

I found out about the film from the March/April issue of ArchitectureBoston [great issue – highly recommend picking it up. Excellent round table on the goings on of planning in a small town – Hopkinton, specifically, which happens to be a neighboring town to where a bunch of mass cats I know live and/or grew up.]

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Posted: June 12th, 2008
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