Solar Powered Rotating Tower in Dubai


Once again, our ninjas in Dubai are doing their thing, giving us the most original, if not the craziest, building designs. Here we have another addition to the Dubai skyline, a new tower that stores solar power, which is used to rotate the building. ROTATE SON!


Dubai Property Ring, developer of the 30-floor Time Residences, says it has gone one step better by launching a fully rotating structure.

“We didn’t want to build just another building or tower, we wanted to create something unique – a precious place to live – a genuine contender to be one of the great buildings in the world,” said Tav Singh, director of Dubai Property Ring, the Dubai arm of UK-based property investors UK Property Group.

Singh said the company plans to build 23 more rotating towers in each of the world’s time zones with finance provided by investors linked to the company [quoted from Gulfnews]

The tower, being built by Time Residences and designed by Glenn Howells Architects, will add 200 apartments to the market, including one and two bedroom units, duplexes and penthouses. And get out your checkbook, my ninja: they go on sale next in 2007.

Drawing its energy from the sun [we can only assume photovoltaics], the tower will rotate at 5mm per second, taking about a week to complete a full revolution.

original article [as far as I can tell] here, from Gulfnews [its now EVERYWHERE tho, like here at Inhabitat]
props to tonilious for the heads up, although he should have just posted it himself…

[ed. note: I love that this is getting write-ups on all the sustainable/green sites because it uses solar power…to turn a building for no reason. I’m not saying its not cool, I’m just saying its not really a green use of energy…]

Posted: December 19th, 2006
at 11:38am by orangemenace

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