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Here are this week’s picks for Ninjas on the ‘net that you should be reading/checking out. If you have something you’d like to add, drop a link in the comments section – or toss us an email [architecture AT myninjaplease DOT com] and I’ll make sure it gets in next weeks post. Enjoy!

- archidose covers some new Bowery housing

- the Storefront for Art and Architecture covers the ongoing renovations

- atelier a+d shows off a pretty huge shower head

- dezeen features a Land Rover sculpture

- BLDGBLOG hips us to the psychiatric infrastructure of Boston’s Big Dig

- Where puts us on to the worst cities, and it’s ffffound account

- coolboom takes a trip to the beach

- We Make Money Not Art thinks that retired priests have all the fun?

- Life Without Buildings dives into the Complex Worlds of Vasco Mourão

- designboom shows us some new uses for dumpsters

- WAN features a not so impressive new building by Meier

- Plataforma Arquitectura features El Nuevo Club Palestino

- And last but most definitely not least – don’t forget about the rest of the MNP [My Ninja Please!] crew: the parent site, MyNinjaPlease; MusicMNP; GreenMNP; PolitricksMNP; and RobotNinja

Posted: August 4th, 2008
at 1:19am by orangemenace

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