Styx Valley Protest Shelter


I’ve always wanted a tree-house that would make those pretentious Ewoks jealous…

After getting a newsletter from Andrew Maynard Architects last week, I was on the AMA site checking out the ‘news’ section and came across the Styx Valley Protest Shelter. Apparently the project is from a few years back – but AMA has built a new model of the project for the Venice Biennale [which is why the project was in the ‘news’ section of the AMA site].

Moving along – these things are pretty siiick. Essentially, treehuggers in ‘the Styx‘ had set-up a treetop base of operations called ‘The Global Rescue Station’ [built on a tree named ‘Gandalf’, it’s little more than 2 wooden platforms hanging from the tree], and staged human barricades to protect the trees [the tallest hardwoods in the world]. Maynard’s proposal would step the protests up a notch – creating the ‘Global Rescue Station, Generation 2’ [should have called it ‘GRS: Reloaded’].


Background info on the issue, from AMA’s website:

The Styx Valley Forest is a pristine wilderness in south western Tasmania. It is home to the tallest hardwood trees in the world averaging over 80 metres. It is a unique ecosystem unlike any other. Many of the trees are over 400 years old. In 1996 only around 13% of these trees remain. A large area of south western Tasmania’s pristine wilderness is world heritage and is therefore protected. Unfortunately the Styx Valley falls just outside the South West National Park and it is now under attack from logging companies.

The logging companies clear fell such areas in Tasmania and burn any remnant vegetation once they have removed any timber considered of value. The high quality timbers that are then removed are reduced to nothing more than wood chips that are then exported mainly to Japan.

From this rape and pillage of Tasmania’s previously untouched, pristine landscape, Tasmania receives only AUD$10 per ton of woodchips [via].


Generation 2 would give protesters more shelters, which are attached to three [rather than 1] trees each, therefore protecting more of the forest [apparently they save the surrounding trees too – loggers are afraid of cutting nearby trees, as they may injure a protester]. This way, a small number of shelters could help to protect a large area of forest.


::all images + info via Andrew Maynard Architects::

Posted: August 5th, 2008
at 2:21pm by orangemenace

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  1. That model looks sick. Its a really cool idea regardless of its particallity & technical issues

    Mark Anthony

    7 Aug 08 at 1:29 pm


  2. Yeah man, exactly – it’s not particularly practical, but it’s a pretty awesome project.


    9 Aug 08 at 10:54 am



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