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[Image: Room for Two]

As those of you that have been following our first ninja of the month feature know, Ivan Hernandez Quintela of Ludens approaches each of his projects as infiltrations, and/or what he calls ‘prosthetics’, that affect/alter/improve/encourage social and physical interaction within a given space – all through simple, minimal changes and additions.

Ludens’ “Spatial Corrections” are projects [by commission] that involve existing spaces. Ivan doesn’t think of the work as ‘remodeling’, however – but instead as ‘prosthetics’ that he ads, often times as “furniture-like pieces, add-ons that help transform the space itself or make it work in a different way”.


[Image: Room for Two]

The first of the featured ‘Spatial Corrections’ is a ‘room for two’, shared by two boys. The sleeping spaces have been elevated to the loft-like spaces on either side of the room [see the sketch above], each accessed by a rotating structure created by Ludens. From Ivan:

I added two mezzanines where each kid would sleep and a stair that would rotate so it could face one or the other mezzanine. As the stair is positioned towards one of the mezzanines, the main space is split in two, when the stair in facing the other mezzanine, the main space is left open. Hanging handrails and other tubes swirl around the space to allow each kid to “escape” in case he gets trapped in a mezzanine while the stair is on the other side.

Good thing those fire-poles are there – otherwise you know those kids would’ve been purposefully stranding each other in those sleeping spaces…


[Image: Art Collector’s Studio]

Next we have Ludens’ work in an art collector’s studio space – which I think really exemplifies Ivan’s overall design strategies. Commissioned to design a bookshelf/storage unit for a collector, Ivan transformed objects that he found in the existing space to meet his client’s needs while adding a personal touch to the work.


[Image: Art Collector’s Studio]

From Ivan:

As I visited the house, I ran into a storage room where he kept empty container boxes which at some point contained art. I decided to utilize these container boxes to construct the bookshelf, putting attention to the stamps, signatures and logos that were placed on the boxes to generate a sort of narrative on the story behind his collection.


[Image: Reading Room]

When asked to design a temporary reading room adjacent to Puebla’s [Mexico] Contemporary Museum, Ivan used small, simple insertions into the space to create informal seating areas. Connected to the museum by a patio, the reading room reaches out to passers-by with a reading table [with chairs] that projects out from the room into the public space – creating “a ‘red carpet’ that would invite visitors to come in into the reading room”. Once drawn inside, visitors would find reading material, computers with internet, and video projections on the walls – along with hammocks hanging from the rooms ceiling, offering more informal seating areas to read and enjoy any media being played in the space.


[Image: Reading Room]

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View more of Ivan’s ‘Spatial Corrections‘ at Ludens’ home page – and be sure to head back to AMNP next week for the following installment of NotM: Ludens, entitled ‘Work in Process’.

::the projects featured in this post were selected by Ivan Hernandez Quintela of Ludens – who also provided the images along with any quoted text::

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