Index Architekten: Artist’s Bunker


What do you do with a leftover WWII bunker on Frankfurt’s East harbor? While knocking it over might seem like a good idea, Index Architekten has put this one to work as a cultural place “[defining] it as the motor for municipal transformation”. In a dramatic shift in program, the bunker has been converted into studio space for local artists and the home of the Institute for New Media.


Due to high costs, demolition wasn’t an option – therefore the bunker “turned somewhat into an elevated construction site – like on a rock in the city, a carefully calculated wooden box will sit up there”. This wooden box house’s the studio spaces and the Institute for New Media, while the heavy pre-existing has been transformed into studio spaces for musicians.


[image: 3rd floor plan]

Additionally, the plans of the ‘wooden box’ have been tuned inside-out – the studios are pushed to the center, and all the circulation + public space has been pulled to the exterior, creating both a “dialogue with the city” and immediate connection to the exterior for all the spaces.


[image: 4th floor plan]
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Posted: August 14th, 2008
at 7:30am by orangemenace

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  1. Nice design! I love it!

    Anyway, great blog! Will be checking back often!!:)


    16 Aug 08 at 12:48 pm


  2. Me too! Things is pretty sweet looking, and didn’t even go the curvy/melty route…

    Anyways, thanks for visiting AMNP!


    17 Aug 08 at 11:11 pm



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