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[Image: Matchbox House, sketch]

For our fourth installment of our Ninja of the Month: Ludens feature, we bring you a selection of the current work of Ivan Hernandez Quintela. Exclusive [I believe, anyways] to AMNP, the projects featured here are in various states of design/construction, and were selected by Ivan as examples of what he’s been getting himself into lately.

The first project, ‘Matchbox House’, is AMNP’s favorite of the group – and in my opinion is the most ‘Ludens’ of the three. The proposal is an interesting one, based seemingly on the idea that a bachelor lives alone – and therefore only needs one space at a time. But how does one use this to his/her advantage?


[Image: Matchbox House, model]

Rather then creating a singular, multi-purpose space, Ivan has proposed constructing linear spaces from cargo containers – each connected, but not accessible from one-another. These containers are then accessed from a sliding ‘room’ that sits on rails, and moves from container to container, essentially becoming an extension of whichever space the bachelor is using at the time.

Each container has all the furniture and equipment necessary for a specific activity. There is a sleeping container, an entertainment container, a study container, an eating container, a cooking container, a bathroom container, etc. That way, the neutral room, depending on where is position in relation to the service wall, transforms into a bedroom, a dining room, a studio, etc.

The room is moved by one walking along the deck while pushing door, almost in a hamster kind of way.

While Ivan admits that the client has yet to be convinced of the proposal – we have! Unfortunately, however, the project will really only work for someone who lives alone – otherwise, you’ll be stranded in the bathroom if your roommate decides to take a nap while you shower.

That said, this is the most interesting + innovative proposal for shipping-container architecture I’ve seen in quite some time. Let’s hope it gets built!


[Image: The Multiple Pool, sketch]

Next up we have the ‘Multiple Pool’, a design for a new pool [obviously] for a family’s weekend house. The problem? Like any family, they each want different things from their pool: the mother would like to swim laps in the morning, the father would like a place to relax with a drink after a day of activities, and the children want someplace to dive, and someplace where they could touch the pool’s bottom. The solution? Build three pools, of course.


[Image: The Multiple Pool, model]

I designed three different pools, each responding to a different program and at the end added them all together. I placed the swimming lane as a border to the edge of the small cliff, which looks onto a jungle, and I placed the jacuzzi and the children’s tub as elements protruding into the jungle. The existing structure adjacent to the pool will be intervened with small volumes half way into the structure and half way out of it that will house the vapor room, the bathroom, and the massage room.

Construction of the ‘Multiple Pool’ has begun [hopefully we can get our hands on images to share in the future].


[Image: MUAC Activity Center, model]

Lastly [for now], we have the ‘MUAC Activity Center’, Ivan’s most recent project. Part of the new National University Contemporary Museum in Mexico City, designed by Teodoro Gonzalez de Leon, the ‘Activity Center’ is a space meant to “generate a place where workshops, informal lectures, interviews and other educational activities could take place”.


[Image: MUAC Activity Center, sketch]

As a proposed solution, Ivan has

…decided to create a wooden framework , where architectural elements such as a wall, a table, a curtain, a deck, a carpet, would be attached to, each with the capacity to be moved around, pulled out, adjusted in different ways to create very distinct scenarios within the framework.

Construction is set to begin in October – and once again, we’ll see about getting images as things get underway.

For our other articles on Ludens, check out the NotM page we’ve set up combining the individual features.

::the projects featured in this post were selected by Ivan Hernandez Quintela of Ludens – who also provided the images along with any quoted text::

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