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I came across the project shown above – Schwedisches Hausboot – over at Architekturblog earlier this week [I know, the post is from a minute ago], and to be honest – I want one. Imagine the peaceful serenity of a cabin floating casually around a lake – moving with the tides and winds…ridiculous.

The project isn’t actually very interesting architecturally – other than it’s floating – which is unfortunate. That said, what it got me thinking about was the film “Spring, Summer, Winter, Fall…and Spring” by Kim Ki-duk – a minimalist piece that uses the changing of the seasons as a device for telling the life story of a Buddhist monk. Nature itself is basically a member of the film’s cast, and plays a tremendous role in telling the story – creating a work that is visually incredible. That, along with a beautiful story that leaves you contemplating the cyclical nature of all things, makes it a must-see.


[Image: Floating Monastery from “Spring, Summer, Winter, Fall…and Spring”]

Getting back to architecture – the monk(s) live in a small monastery floating/drifting on a lake. As the seasons change, so does living in the floating monetary – in particular when the winter comes and the lake freezes, creating the only time that the monastery is accessible without the use of a small rowboat. Another interesting architectural element in the film was the use of doors + doorways – which were used to delineate spaces, but were freestanding with no walls.

Point is, the idea of living in a structure floating around on a lake is sounds just about perfect – and MNP may need to by a small body of water just so we can build something. That, and you should go watch “Spring, Summer, Winter, Fall…and Spring“.

Posted: August 22nd, 2008
at 12:46am by orangemenace

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