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I came across the project shown above – Schwedisches Hausboot – over at Architekturblog earlier this week [I know, the post is from a minute ago], and to be honest – I want one. Imagine the peaceful serenity of a cabin floating casually around a lake – moving with the tides and winds…ridiculous.

The project isn’t actually very interesting architecturally – other than it’s floating – which is unfortunate. That said, what it got me thinking about was the film “Spring, Summer, Winter, Fall…and Spring” by Kim Ki-duk – a minimalist piece that uses the changing of the seasons as a device for telling the life story of a Buddhist monk. Nature itself is basically a member of the film’s cast, and plays a tremendous role in telling the story – creating a work that is visually incredible. That, along with a beautiful story that leaves you contemplating the cyclical nature of all things, makes it a must-see.


[Image: Floating Monastery from “Spring, Summer, Winter, Fall…and Spring”]

Getting back to architecture – the monk(s) live in a small monastery floating/drifting on a lake. As the seasons change, so does living in the floating monetary – in particular when the winter comes and the lake freezes, creating the only time that the monastery is accessible without the use of a small rowboat. Another interesting architectural element in the film was the use of doors + doorways – which were used to delineate spaces, but were freestanding with no walls.

Point is, the idea of living in a structure floating around on a lake is sounds just about perfect – and MNP may need to by a small body of water just so we can build something. That, and you should go watch “Spring, Summer, Winter, Fall…and Spring“.

Posted: August 22nd, 2008
at 12:46am by orangemenace

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  1. yeah – I don’t think lakes have tides… but other than that?… NICE!


    23 Aug 08 at 12:19 am


  2. I mean, all bodies of water on the planet are affected by the gravitation forces of the moon – which create the tides in the oceans. No, lakes don’t have large tide changes like the coasts – but tides would be strong enough in large bodies of water to potentially affect an object floating on the surface, so long as the wind isn’t more powerful at the time. So, ‘moving with the tide and wind’, while mostly a nice idea, is basically scientifically accurate.


    23 Aug 08 at 12:35 am


  3. Nice post. Loved ‘Spring, Summer..’, we’re Kim Ki Duk fans too.



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