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[Image: Cartogram showing countries’ military spending, via]

Just a little something to be proud of – especially since our schools are a mess, our health care system sucks, you have to literally sell yourself to a bank to get money for college, people can’t afford homes anymore, etc etc etc. But hey, we have shown the world that our penis-enlargement pills have been working and that we’re not giving up US hegemony. Good stuff.
Sorry, but politricks have taken a serious hold on my life as of late – my hopes are that it’ll lighten up after the election, one way or another. That, and I downloaded some Noam Chomsky books…increasing my general beligerence about 10-fold. As I’m sure you can tell from my rant, I’m a super McCain/Palin supporter…

Moving along to what I assume you’re here for, architecture – AMNP has started a Twitter page/thread/thing. I have no real idea what people’s deal is with Twitter, and had no experience with the phenomenon until this past week – but it seemed like a reasonable way to share links and info that would normally be reserved to these “Ninjas on the ‘Net” posts and the middle sidebar links. So if you’re already on Twitter, follow AMNP! And if not, sign up to get daily link updates, both to our new posts and to other sites that AMNP is checking out at the moment [I promise to keep it mostly architecture-related – check out MNP’s Twitter page for everything else the ninjas are getting into].

As for some blog-reading tunes [which we decided to start up last week with some Sun Ra], I’m suggesting readers check out the [excellent] podcasts offered by Blogariddims [which Trizlam, over at MusicMNP, put me on to], an eclectic mix that definitely has something for everyone. They recently released their ’50th and final’ podcast, and I suggest you download them all before they’re not available anymore. And as always, if you have something you’d like to add, drop a link in the comments section – or toss us an email [architecture AT myninjaplease DOT com] and I’ll make sure it gets in next weeks post. Enjoy!

[This turned into a wicked long setup to this weeks links…damn]

– first off, register for GreenBuild and come to Boston!

– The NY Times has a number of interesting architecture-related articles this past week: danced-powered nightclub, Foster designing a major renovation to the NYC public library, high concept prefab, and Zaha in Central Park

– New York Magazine has Zaha’s new shoe design for Lacoste

– female designers in Turkey break through barriers and help build a mosque, covered by NPR’s All Things Considered

– Newsweek doubts the future of Dubai‘s development?

– the Huffington Post looks into the Eco-Sins [and Virtues] of Barack Obama

– Metropolis questions whether ‘good’ design will save the mall in the 21st century

– AAgrotecture 1, 2, and 3, over at Pruned

– Joseph Grima talks with Arch Record

– a 45 year old island just for scientists, over at the CS Monitor

– Yatzer has some great photos of Clingstone

– an interesting post on micro-territoriality at BLDGBLOG

sun+water=fuel over at technology review

– Archidose reviews Exit-Architecture: Design Between War and Peace

– the Japanese pavilion at the Venice Biennale of Architecture, over at We Make Money Not Art

– and the new Where is dropping great new content, check it out

– last but most definitely not least – don’t forget about the rest of the MNP [My Ninja Please!] crew: the parent site, MyNinjaPlease; MusicMNP; GreenMNP; PolitricksMNP; and RobotNinja.

– and that about wraps up this week’s Ninjas on the ‘Net – but don’t forget, you should also be clicking those sidebar links + buttons and checking out all of our blogging ninjas out there.

Posted: October 27th, 2008
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