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So, I’m obviously running pretty late today, and just in general lately. Basically, I’m on a tight deadline at the day job, and will be for another week or so – then things should return to normal around here. But until then, here are some links for this week’s installment of “Ninjas on the ‘Net” – just some things I’ve been checking out recently.

– First off – what the $*#& is this thing? I was linked to this today by a co-worker, and DAMN. That’s all I have to say. Damn.

– I kind of want one of these t-shirts…although I’m definitely not tough / cool enough to rock the lavender one.

– The Guardian has some designers sketch-up some ideas for Obama’s Oval Office – nothing too surprising tho, unfortunately.

– Speaking of sketching, SketchUp 7 is out. Exciting? Not at all. I mean, I heard there would be NURBS! Come on Google, you gave cell-phone users Android for free – now I want Maya lite in SU form.

– Speaking of Google – you can now visit Ancient Rome in 3d in Google Earth. Kind of cool, if you’d like a digital trip to 320AD.

– Slate has part 2 of it’s feature ‘Renzo Piano’s California Adventure‘.

– The Economist discusses the benefits and drawbacks of urbanization.

– The Chicago Tribune takes time to rub-in the fact that architects are getting screwed by the economy – and salaries aren’t rising for the first time in a minute. Thanks.

– Apparently copper-fittings can fight ‘super-bugs’? Weird, but interesting.

– While I can’t find it to embed, I watched Build It Bigger‘s episodes on Greensburg, Kansas, the other day – definitely recomended. For those that don’t know, the town was devastated by a tornado of epic proportions – and is now rebuilding ‘green’, which is pretty incredible. This dude Danny is a clown – but that’s half of why the show is amusing. Check it out on Discovery or the Science Channel.

– last but most definitely not least – don’t forget about the rest of the MNP [My Ninja Please!] crew: the parent site, MyNinjaPlease; MusicMNP; GreenMNP; PolitricksMNP; and RobotNinja.

– and that’s it for this week’s Ninjas on the ‘Net – don’t forget, you should also be clicking those sidebar links + buttons and checking out all of our blogging ninjas out there.

Posted: November 17th, 2008
at 10:20pm by orangemenace

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