Putting the ‘New’ in Newburyport


Dan Hisel, previously featured here on AMNP, has completed a renovation/addition on a home in Newburyport, MA – which was featured in this past week’s Boston Globe Magazine. Check it out.

The house the Ultmans found, originally a cottage for workers at the James Steam Mill across the street, is at least 100 years old by their estimation. Architect Dan Hisel, whom the couple hired to head up the renovation, immediately appreciated what he calls the structure’s “iconic house shape.” “It’s almost like a Monopoly house in the sense that it has such a simple elevation and clean lines,” he says.

The inside was another story. The home had been a rental property for a number of years and had fallen into disrepair. “I think there were probably four different materials on the floors of the first floor,” Hisel remembers. “It was a seriously challenged house.”

His design preserved the exterior simplicity of the house, so that it exists in harmony with its neighbors, while completely transforming the interior to accommodate the Ultmans’ dream to live in open, connected spaces that would bring the outdoors in.

I’ll see what I can do about getting some more images.

.:Organic Chemistry->via Boston.com

Posted: December 4th, 2008
at 5:22am by orangemenace

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