We here at AMNP are happy to [finally] announce the next installment in our Ninja(s) of the Month series – this time featuring the work of Barcelona-based H ARQUITECTES.

Our working attitude as an architecture studio tries to operate with the parameters that we dominate through experience and knowledge so [we] can guarantee results, [while] promoting new stimulating ways of designing. At the moment we work with passive systems that, although simple and well-used, are effective. We [have] committed ourselves to think of a low-tech architecture, simple and easy to build, which does not look for great innovations but on the contrary tries to consolidate the positive deep-rooted values found in both architectonical and constructive tradition. We believe in sustainability not as a new paradigm but as a way to work based on common sense – not as the one and only objective but as a result of a way of building.

Founded in 2000 by David Lorente Ibáñez, Josep Ricart Ulldemolins, Xavier Ros Majó, and Roger Tudó Galí, H Arquitectes combines a simple and contemporary aesthetic with a practical approach to sustainable design [as in green because it’s smart, and right], creating an architecture that reflects the current needs of society and suggests the posibility for a new vernacular. By their own description, common-sense pervades their work – design that attempts to link space, use, and structure in what almost becomes a minimalist aesthetic, but never loses it’s warmth or forgets it’s users.

Our next NotM post [this coming Thursday] will get into H Arquitectes’ work itself, beginning with their project House 108 – a 109 square meter dwelling in Santa Cristina d’Aro. Until then, be sure to checkout their webpage – in addition to having a number of great project you should see but we won’t get to here on AMNP, the site has a pretty cool user interface and design.

To end our introduction to H Arquitectes, I’d like to list the other members of their staff. There’s no particular information to provide, other than their names – but as architecture seems to typically be dominated by the individual [or partnership of the few], H Arquitectes suplied us with the names of all their current employees. Pretty classy, I thought.

Montse Fornés Guàrdia architect, Toni Jiménez Anglès interior, Montse Quirós de Roa interior, Anna Bonet Esteve interior, Blai Cabrero Bosch student, Carla Piñol Moreno student, Carles Sala Puig draughtsman, Marcos Ruiz de Clavijo Cirajas architect, Ana Tamayo Moreno architect

Ramon Anton Brossa , Albert Ferrer, Xavier Delgado, Josep Malgosa, Iñaki González

Posted: January 12th, 2009
at 8:17am by orangemenace

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