The Grid Chair


Designed by Jaebeom Jeong, the Grid Chair is a part of a larger investigation into the relationship between computer generated and classical, entitled ‘The Grid Series Project’. Built of welded steel with walnut used for the seat, the chair [obviously] is meant to be a physical representation of a digital 3d wireframe model of a ‘classic’ chair form.

The structure of chairs we have known is a creature experienced by association effects, and nothing more than functionally having the minimum structure to sit.

Jaebeom has also designed the R60 (Reflex 60°) with similar intent, this time constructing a more contemporary chair from stainless steel and polycarbonate sheet.

This chair embodied an image of infinity repetition derived from reflex action and virtual image.


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Posted: January 16th, 2009
at 5:00am by orangemenace

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