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Arch Record has a number of articles with information for those of us who’ve been laid-off, but I found this one particularly interesting as it addresses the fact that there basically are no architecture jobs [sorry to be so cynical, but that seems to be the reality of the matter]. Here’s an excerpt:

Jobless architects should remember that “first and foremost, it’s the market, not you,” says Billy Clark, director of Jack Kelly & Partners, a recruitment agency for the design industry. While architects may need to take a few days—or weeks or months—to muster up the energy and confidence needed for the job hunt, Clark says they should assemble their portfolio and resume immediately. The longer one waits, the more difficult the task becomes. “Do it the minute you get laid off,” he emphasizes.


The reality is, though, that even top candidates might not be able to land a position right now. How do they ride out the recession?

“You have to get creative as to what type of work you’re willing to do,” Clark says. While few industries are recession-proof, architects might find work in fields such as graphic design, computer modeling, store branding, facility management, surveying, and product sales. Paola Tocci, president of FD+CC, a company that provides pre-construction services such as cost estimating and scheduling, recently announced at a forum in New York City for unemployed architects that her company is hiring. “Think outside of the box and learn a new set of skills,” she told the crowd.

.:Strategies for Unemployed Architects -> via Arch Record

Posted: March 6th, 2009
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