The Prada Transformer


Many of you may have seen this at this point – but check out OMA’s Prada Transformer, a design for a pavilion which will open in Seoul, Korea sometime in a month or so. Check out this video of Rem discussing the project.
Essentially a strange tetrahedron, the pavilion serves multiple functions / programs through it’s ability to be lifted and turned on to another side, revealing a new plan. The tetrahedron is made up of sides of 4 different shapes – hexagon, cross, rectangle and circle – all of which will be contained by some kind of elastic membrane material, enclosing the space inside. Each of these shapes then forms the plan for a different program – while the others create the ceiling and walls, until the structure is rotated and ‘transforms’ again [Rem, in the video explanation, actually references transformers…which is hilarious to me for some reason].


What I’m wondering is, are they going to do something with the underside of these shapes that make up the tetrahedron? One side [above] is shown red, which I suppose is better than nothing – but in general it looks as if it might be this strange gray structure, that looks almost unapproachable. I guess we’ll see when they build it…

Anyways, enough of my explanation – go watch the video.

.: Prada Transformer video ->

Posted: March 12th, 2009
at 12:59pm by orangemenace

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