Eye Candy: Todd Hido


[Image: 1922a, from Foreclosed Homes (Interiors) Series]

As I mentioned earlier this week when discussing Urban China Bootlegged by C-Lab for Volume, the slightly haunting photos of Todd Hido accompany an essay by Geoff Manaugh on the foreclosure crisis in the U.S. I decided to put a few of his photos on AMNP today just in case some of you didn’t follow [or see] the link to Hido’s work from earlier this week.


[Image: 1968, from Foreclosed Homes (Interiors) Series]

There’s something voyeristic about the images – both as if the photographer wasn’t meant to be there, and also that we weren’t meant to see the images. This feeling is only strengthened by the details in the images – clues as to how these homes were filled and used by their previous residents, including dangling wires, imprints and outlines in carpets and on floors, and oil stains in the garage.


[Image: 2260, from Foreclosed Homes (Interiors) Series]

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Posted: March 18th, 2009
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