Forget Infrastructure: Think Carports


I was just reading in the NY Times that the government is planning a $5 BILLION bailout for auto-parts suppliers / manufacturers, and it hit me: architects need to stop worrying about getting in on infrastructure projects [there are only going to be so many of those], or tax help for developers’ shovel ready projects. Instead, we need to get in on these sprawling auto industry bailouts – since cars [or the auto lobbyists] are apparently the most important thing to US government.

For instance – why not build new plants? New auto employee recreational facilities? New homes for all the execs, who are laughing at us for being chumps [behind closed doors, of course]?

But really, even that is just thinking too small. What we most obviously need, requiring the construction industry, is new carports to protect our new national investments! If so much of our tax money [and, frankly, the money of our children, and maybe grandchildren at this rate] is going to go to all the different parts of the auto industry – so that they can produce cars that we don’t need and nobody can afford right now, just to employ workers – then I demand money go to architects, designers, and contractors to build beautiful, water-resistant homes for all these cars we’ll be manufacturing. I mean, let’s face it – there’s no demand for these new whips. And since that’s the case, and we’re throwing all economic theory to the wind here – I think it’s only right that we get in on the action and build something useful, protecting our multi-billion dollar national investment from the elements.

Plus, the carports could have re-sale value – think of how many we could sell to China and India at some point.

Posted: March 19th, 2009
at 5:48pm by orangemenace

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