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Now this is an interesting house. Designed by Kraus Schonberg Architects for a couple and their two children, Haus W is an attempt to create a home that feels like one interconnected space – while still providing a sense of ‘individual freedom’ to the family members. To achieve this goal, Kraus Schonberg essentially divided the project into two parts: the upper level, a series of volumes for more individuall functions [bedrooms, baths, etc], and a lower level for the family / living spaces.


The different spaces on the second level – each having different height and space requirements – then project downward, into he living space. This, in turn, pushes the living spaces on the first level to different elevations – distinguishing individual spaces by variations in floor height [see model below].

[Now, I’m not exactly sure why one bedroom would need to be taller or shorter than another – but it still seems like an interesting concept, and has made for a pretty sick house.]


While the lower level / living space consists of more-or-less one interconnected space, the upper levels can [obviously] be closed off from one-another for some privacy. To keep with the concept of interconnected internal spaces, the rooms are organized around a central atrium space [with a dope 2 storey bookcase] – and have windows looking both out into the garden and into this central atrium.


Moving on, the lower / ground level has been pushed below-grade, so that while inside an occupant is roughly eye-level with the garden outside. I can only imagine that this is pretty cool when moving around in the living spaces, as if you’re really embedded in the landscape – while providing a sense of privacy when sitting in any of these spaces.


And then they drop some sustainability on us:

The walls and floors of the individual upper rooms are built of sustainable CNC-cut timber panels. These do a variety of things: they constitute the finish; define spaces and functions; help insulate the building; are recyclable; create a comfortable internal environment; and offer a cost-effective building solution.


Now – here’s a question: how do you and your wife / husband enjoy any type of ‘personal time’, when there are windows looking into the kids’ room? Ninjas would probably need some curtains or something…


.:images + info via -> Kraus Schonberg Architects

::Thanks to AMNP reader Erica for putting us on to this project::

Posted: March 31st, 2009
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